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SocialFlow : “If I accept the vaccine,” one cancer patient said, “it will be with a strong feeling of guilt that at best I will be prolonging my life for a few months or years.”

SocialFlow : The number of refrigerators in American homes can tell us a lot about class — and culture.

SocialFlow : The pandemic has thrown a wrench in gym culture. Let's look back at the heyday, when celebrities and mere mortals got fit side by side.

SocialFlow : The making of “Coming to America” and its sequel is a story that spans the real-life friendship of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, from their first encounter in stand-up to the present day. Read our interview with the comic stars.

SocialFlow : Sheet pans have neither the vintage-car shine of copper pots nor the allure of carbon-steel knives. And yet, they’ve become the star of countless internet recipes.

SocialFlow : Little research on suicidal thoughts in young children exists, but some evidence suggests it can happen in those as young as 3.

SocialFlow : Can the “five S’s” used to calm fussy babies — swaddle, side or stomach position, shush, swing and suck — also help grown-ups sleep? Our parenting columnist @jessgrose, who’s been suffering from “Covid insomnia,” tried them herself to find out.

SocialFlow : “All Creatures Great and Small” charmed viewers with its pastoral setting in Britain’s Yorkshire Dales. The show’s production designer explains the eternal appeal of the region’s landscapes.

SocialFlow : "At immigration in Harare, I remove my wedding ring and check the 'single' box. Love between two men is illegal in Zimbabwe. I adapt to survive."

SocialFlow : Throughout the past year, American society responded to political upheaval and biological peril by turning to an age-old tactic for keeping rule breakers in check: tattling.

SocialFlow : “We had to do it for Jonathan.” Original “Rent” cast members talk about losing the musical’s creator, ahead of a virtual concert marking its 25th anniversary.

Twitter Web App : EXCLUSIVE/BREAKING: A 25-year-old former aide to Andrew Cuomo told the The New York Times the Governor sexually harassed her, asking if she had had sex with older men, among other claims.

Cuomo says was a mentor, "never made advances," or acted inappropriately.…

SocialFlow : The Biden administration is trying to make Obamacare more generous and closer to its original design, but they may disappoint progressive allies hoping for more.

SocialFlow : Breaking News: A second former aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York accused him of sexual harassment. Cuomo denied any impropriety and called for an outside review.

Twitter Web App : Johnson & Johnson's single-shot vaccine is a different type of vaccine than those from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

Here's how it works:

SocialFlow : A potential U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, coupled with a weak Afghan security force, means the Taliban will likely continue to capture, condemn and torture thousands in secret prisons.

SocialFlow : Breaking News: The FDA authorized Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine, the first that requires only a single shot. Distribution is expected to begin soon.

SocialFlow : Pregnant, she slept near a coughing inmate as the virus spread. Federal prisons have faltered on orders to move vulnerable prisoners to home confinement to protect them from the coronavirus.

SocialFlow : Rwanda’s attorney general inadvertently revealed he had intercepted confidential material in the ongoing terrorism case against Paul Rusesabagina, whose efforts to save people during the country’s genocide were portrayed in the movie “Hotel Rwanda.”