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Bio A president who lies deserves neither tolerance or respect. I care about everything Republicans dont. Feminist ❤️🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇧☮️ 🌈ally #truth! #resist
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Twitter Web App : The Trump campaign has no expectation of convincing people of color or women to vote for Trump.

The stuff they're putting out is a strategy is to convince us to stay home or vote for a third party.

They can stick that stuff where the sun don't shine.

Twitter Web App : A Memorial Day thought:

The difference between two president’s response to someone in pain:

Barack :
Are they okay?
How can we help?
Please, keep me informed.

Are they white?
Are they wealthy?
Did they vote for me?

Twitter Web App : ...

I try to stay informed, so that I can make fair judgements about very serious issues. This struck me.

A number of those who crossed paths with Tara Reade say they remember two things: She spoke favorably about her time working for Biden, and she left them feeling duped.


Twitter Web App : Jeannine "Working while sick is NOT a crime."

In normal times, of course, you'd be right.. but when you put other people's lives in danger, due to willful irresponsibility, that's a crime. A serious crime, considering the potential harm.

Twitter Web App : Looks like we will pass 100,000 confirmed deaths tonight or tomorrow. Trump belongs in prison.

Twitter Web App : Zi Bermúdez Saw that. Whew. But here's my thing - that shoulda been a normal day in late May. But because of the dumbest shit ever to hold office it wasn't. We coulda been like South Korea or New Zealand if it wasn't for the dumb shits that put him in the WH. Not gonna ever get over that.

Twitter Web App : Remember that week when all hell broke loose & Boris Johnson & Netanyahu tumbled to the bottom? Yet, both managed to come out on top again.

I believe both Brexit votes were as rigged as the US presidential race in November 2016.

Some big powers behind them all.

TweetDeck : ...

The election boils down to this.

The smart people will be voting against the stupid people.

There are more smart people than stupid people.

Yet if the smart people don't show up, they become the stupid people and the world turns upside down.

Don't be an idiot. Vote.


Twitter Web App : At least 96,000 dead from coronavirus.
That's enough to fill 2 huge stadiums to capacity.
Trump is playing golf.