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Twitter Web App : Remember, you can buy #NFT wearables on OpenSea at… and equip them at….

Also be sure to claim a CV username if you havent already at:

Twitter Web App : Growth in unique NFT developers & creators over time, as tracked by OpenSea

ERC721 is shown in green, ERC1155 in purple. Note that this doesnt include managed smart contracts on centralized platforms.

Twitter Web App : Cat in the mask available on OpenSea !


Unique piece!…

Twitter Web App : OpenSea has been an amazing partner in the consolidation and visualization of Ether Legends #Collectible #NFT’s. Featuring both @Enjin backed #ERC1155 and #ERC721 token standard assets! Looking for some items or characters for forging!?


Twitter Web App : One of the cool features on OpenSea is the ability to set the list price to decrease over time to a minimum price You can see my Flame Monkey price has dropped since I listed it yesterday #splinterlands

Twitter Web App : Amazing feat by OpenSea at the Crypto World Cup!

Congrats for the win in Group B! 🥳🥳🥳

Well see you in the next round!
#Decentraland #Moonshot

Twitter Web App : woah. is selling ad space on its website as NFTs that anyone can buy on OpenSea 🤯

They also hosted the T&C on ipfs…

Twitter Web App : The match starts in 10 minutes!……

Twitter Web App : To answer a few recurring questions:

The NFTs will be issued on @Enjin's ERC-1155 protocol.

They will also be backed by $ENJ and tradeable on both OpenSea and the marketplace.…

iPhone : 🔥Leading NFTs sales

Millions invested in #NFT #StartUps. Tens of millions in sales, with some secondary market, returns greater than 500x.

#blockchain #crypto #ETH

Source: OpenSea

Twitter Web App : The dark art of #NFTs ✨ "It's digital yet it's scarce."

⏰ Less than 4 hours left before ✧Mage✧ sale ends on OpenSea (ends today at 12PM ET)……

iPhone : Looking back at our past crate sale, it generated over US$364,000 in sales and many of @F1Deltatime digital collectibles continue to be actively trading on #nft marketplaces such as @OpenSea!

#animoca #F1 #blockchain #crypto #erc721 #gaming #racing $REVV

iPhone : (1/3) I am so humbled by the launch of my piece yesterday. All NFTs on OpenSea & the original painting have been sold through my newsletter. Thank you to this amazing community.

“Looks like you’ve had a bit too much to think” - 2020, Acrylic on canvas 24x36, NFT edition of 21

Twitter Web App : Thank You #Decentraland for Art Week!

I 💓 how we can show off the events we attended with our POAP tokens.

Cannot wait for the next major events! 🎉💥🎉

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iPhone : Wallet weekend is here! Did you sleep through Avastars Series 1? They are sold out and chock fulla personality, so now you gotta get them on the secondary market. Head on over to OpenSea to snag one!