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iPhone : Watching this country burn from coast to coast, it’s obvious people are angry. Yes, George Floyd touched this off. But let’s not forget: 103k+ are dead, most of them black and brown. 40 million people are unemployed. This is a nation in crisis.

iPhone : That doesn't mean all cops obey the policy. But one thing we know from decades of research is that tougher rules on the use of force do make a difference, when they are written down and when departments do more than pay lip service to them. And that's the case in Camden.

iPhone : Camden's use-of-force policy is 18 pages of detailed description of when force is reasonable and when it isn't. It explicitly says officers "will be" - not can be, but will be - disciplined for violating the policy, and it requires cops to report uses of force that do so.

iPhone : One lesson of what's Camden done: successful police reform isn't just about training cops differently. You also have to have an explicit - and enforced - use-of-force policy, one that prohibits them from using force cavalierly and pushes them to de-escalate whenever possible.

iPhone : Camden, over the past 5 yrs, has invested heavily in de-escalation training and adopted a use-of-force policy that's been called the most progressive in the U.S., one that stresses that force should only be used as a last resort. This is one result of that. twitter.com/Goodable/statu…

iPhone : NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is now blaming the riots on #trump saying he “helped to create” the “atmosphere” for them.

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iPhone : Now I see there is growing pressure within the Whitehouse encouraging Trump to speak to the Nation; of the Nations current outrage over police brutally & the constant killing of Black men.

Does anyone really want to hear from the guy who stokes the flames of hatred?

Not me.

iPhone : Minneapolis: A photographer was shot in the eye.

Washington, D.C.: Protesters struck a journalist with his own microphone.

Louisville: A reporter was hit by a pepper ball on live television by an officer who appeared to be aiming at her. nyti.ms/2ZYDFtv

Twitter Web App : 😭😭😭💔💔💔🐾🐾🐾🆘🆘🆘 twitter.com/PeterAskin1/st…

Twitter Web App : I’m the Democrat and USAF Veteran running against Republican Kevin McCarthy. We have a big end of month deadline coming up — and we’re $3700 short. Will you retweet and chip in below ⬇️ so we can send him packing? 🇺🇸

Twitter Web App : An Attorney General’s credibility is essential in times of crisis. William Barr has none, and we are paying the price. When people distrust the law, they are motivated to take the law into their own hands, which is dangerous for everyone. politico.com/news/2020/05/3…

Twitter Web App : Crowd takes a knee in front of Trump Tower and riot police #chicagoprotest

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Twitter Web App : Is Barr trying to drive out Boente because he is independent?

He played a key role at DOJ in the early days of the Trump Administration, when the Mueller investigation first began.

If Boente is driven out of FBI, Congress needs to investigate why and what happened. twitter.com/msnbc/status/1…