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Bio Eisner winner. Hugo/Nebula/Stoker nominee. Comics: ABBOTT/MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN/THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL. Novel: THRONE OF THE CRESCENT MOON. Some TV too!
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Twitter for iPad : TA-DA. Here’s what we’ve been working on since quarantine. New digital Harley stories in black, white, and red — every Friday for just ninety-nine cents!…

Twitter for iPad : Grab your mallet and put on some makeup! HQ takes centerstage in #DCDigitalFirst HARLEY QUINN: BLACK + WHITE + RED ♦️

Twitter for iPad : Writing about US food the way the NYT covers Asian fruit: In a nation torn by racial conflict, one unlikely food unites. To those accustomed to chopsticks, the greasy parcel known as a 'burger', a sort of split bao, is crude and messy. Yet it encapsulates a nation's violent past.

Twitter for iPad : I hate the YOU MUST WEIGH IN culture of twitter and mostly want to just listen rn, but, since having a platform is a responsibility, and so folks know that making our fields safe matters to me:

Twitter for iPad : so this is just to say as a man I can do more and will try to.

but very particularly *as a man of color* in these industries I will keep trying to connect the dots between fights because there's zero chance of fixing these gross spaces for any of us without doing so.

Twitter for iPad : *of course men of color can be abusers and creeps* but the particular predatory 'geek bro' pro *spaces* folks are talking about? SO. WHITE. & pretty racist!

I don't want to be silent. But I also don't want to make cheap promises I can't keep about fixing spaces that aren't mine.

Twitter for iPad : aaaaand yet as an Arab, Muslim man from the get I've been made to understand that these spaces aren't mine to reshape.

I've never faced the sorts of threats women coming forward have - yet I've never been safe or equal in these spaces either

Twitter for iPad : but the whole SYSTEM is vicious and for hetero men it's our responsibility to work to reshape things beyond the individual level

Twitter for iPad : first the obvious and too-easy: geek industries are hideously male-dominated and predatory, with a long history of treating women like objects

that shit HAS TO STOP, starting with acting right as individuals

Twitter for iPad : I'm having a lot of trouble responsibly articulating my feelings as a man of color in geekdom rn