iPhone : Remember when the Tories endlessly praised a 100-year-old for dragging himself around a garden to raise £32million and then spent £150million buying 50 million unusable masks from an offshore banker with no history of supplying medical equipment

iPhone : More evidence that illegal migrants are being put up in fancy hotels across the country.

What the hell are the Tories playing at?

Footage from Nigel Farage is just astonishing. Will the mainstream media follow his lead again? Let’s wait and see. I doubt it!

Well done Nigel.

Twitter Web App : The Government's new planning rules will line the pockets of the Tories' developer chums, but won't provide more social housing nor more precious green space on people's doorsteps

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Android : Warning to the Tories: Concern over immigration hasn’t gone away conservativewoman.co.uk/warning-to-the… via @theconwom

Twitter Web App : Senior Tories really didn’t like me criticising them for their propaganda day-trips to Scotland. So I wrote my column about it in today’s The National #ToryDaytrippers thenational.scot/news/18637391.…

iPhone : shewolf1877 Priti Patel It is shameful that you blame a few desperate refugees from a war torn country fleeing for their lives for the U.K. Governments refusal to fund your cancer treatment. The blame rests with the Tories who have systematically dismantled and underfunded the NHS. Get real.

Twitter Web App : Jenny Hallam Tim Jones I strongly doubt that Tories will ever give up their little monopoly on cannabis export from their Kent farm.

I think targeting their hypocritical industry would make more waves than the current petitions and protests.

Twitter for iPad : Citizen Jones Jamie Kay Whilst the Tories pillage the economy.. awarding multi million contracts to mates, sell off workers rights and food standards. What is wrong with people.

Twitter for iPad : Jamie Kay They've been brainwashed over years by the MSM into believing that the Socialists are Commies and that the Tories are 'strong & stable' and are the only guardians of the economy. Sad.

iPhone : Property developers have given £11m in donations to the Tories since Johnson arrived in Downing Street just one year ago. And then building regs are trashed. It’s corruption - and a perfect example of why political party funding needs reform.

Twitter Web App : The Times: Tories make donors and friends directors of civil service boards

A tell-tale sign of a country sliding into Putin-style kleptocracy.

Dont say it couldnt happen here. Its happening right under our noses.

#crooks #ToryCorruption