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iPhone : Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear responds to protesters who hanged him in effigy: "I will not be afraid. I will not be bullied. And I will not back down."…

iPhone : I just don't think it's useful—or good journalism—to endlessly repeat Trump lies, accusations & conspiracy theories. He's exploiting the Liar's Dividend, which is that repeating the lie legitimizes the idea of debate around it, and leaves a lingering question in the reader's mind

iPhone : Please subscribe to The Brief. I'm writing tomorrow's edition in the dark while using my phone as a hotspot bc a thunderstorm cut off my power ... and it's still not back. 👀…

iPhone : Jan 22: "Totally under control"
Jan 30: "Very well under control"
Feb 10: "They (China) have everything under control"
Feb 24: "Very much under control in the USA"
Feb 29: "Everything is under control"
March 15: "Something we have tremendous control of"

iPhone : I am haunted by a brutal reality, as we watch the horrific videos from Minneapolis, Central Park and Georgia: imagine how many murders, beatings, wrongful arrests were committed against people of color with no consequences before we had cell phone cameras.

iPhone : Thoughtful. Not yelling. Not reading talking points off notes. Weaving the facts, with her personal opinion and assessment. I wish she’d do more of this and less of the on camera sniping.…

iPhone : Exactly: The reason threats aren’t protected as “free speech” is that their very utterance can change behavior in dangerous ways…

iPhone : A heart-breaking moment from an SS picture of Hungarian Jews at #Auschwitz II-Birkenau taken probably 76 years ago today. #OTD

A little child found a dandelion in the grass and is handing it or showing it to an older boy. All the people in this picture were gassed moments later.

iPhone : This is nonsense. Mark is the arbiter of the entire operation and all they do. He makes choices daily that you never see, that truly matter while being unfireable and all powerful.…

iPhone : I worked hard on this one. My new post. "You cannot keep from getting swept up in Trump’s agenda without a firm grasp on your own."… The press needs to know what it is trying to accomplish with its campaign coverage, or it will end up enabling him— again.