iPhone : Hi James sorry to hear the troubles you’ve been having. Hopefully the worst times are behind you. I can definitely help with that dream. I’ll get a signed shirt over to you. 👊🏽 #YNWA twitter.com/james_lovell23…

iPhone : We will celebrate again soon,
Yes, we will celebrate in a crazy way #YNWA

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iPhone : オフィシャルでこのイベントができて本当に良かった👏



#fctokyo #tokyo #STAYwithTOKYO #YNWA

Twitter for iPad : Evening all reds! Can you please retweet this!! I’d like to connect with more reds everywhere! Tweets are all Liverpool fc & lovely pictures of Malta! Evening all 👍🔴#YNWA

Android : enjoy with mo #YNWA

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Android : We donated 'bags of kindness' to Queenscourt Hospice, a local charity supporting young people who have suffered personal loss.

We hope the young people know that we at Liverpool FC (at 🏠) are thinking of them, and that they're not alone.

#YNWA #UnityIsStrength