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Android : Hi. 👋 We apologize, were about to behave very out of character

We need to have a serious talk about the USPS, its impact on our lives, the current administrations attack on their weakened defenses, and the very real threat of a taken-for-granted service disappearing.

Android : if the usps goes under it will kill off my patreon. i wont be able to afford the shipping that i built within the pledge. real nervous about that! itll likely kill off my store too because who wants to pay triple the shipping on a $4 item.

Twitter Web App : im closing the shop in a few hours! packaging all my remaining orders tonight. itll open again in a week or two twitter.com/terribleanimal…

Twitter Web App : okay i fixed the "pins only" shipping rate for USA shipping! sorry if that was a deterrent before, it should be more reasonable now. ive also reached out by email to those who paid the wrong amount!

Twitter Web App : gahh im so sorry it took me this long to see it.. im also sorry for anyone who got confused at the really high price! im in the process of fixing everything

Twitter Web App : hey i just realized a terrible mistake with my shipping 😰 i just realized my "pins only" shipping rate for USA is charged at the international rate, so you guys are paying wayyyy too much in shipping! ill be reaching out for refunds, its like $10 more than you should have paid

Twitter Web App : im going to be taking a trip very soon and im not exactly sure how long ill be gone! im leaving before the month is over and will probably close the shop while im gone. im packaging orders today and until i leave, so if you want something now grab it soon twitter.com/terribleanimal…

Twitter Web App : this feels like a weird place to plug but i made some acrylic pins of my boys 🥺 you can pick these up in my store! i dont have a ton of them and im not sure theyre worth a reorder but i had a lot of fun experimenting with a new product type


Android : River it was pretty good! i think i would be really frustrated with it if i was trying to do a comic in color, but for black and white it was a very smooth process. i almost always color in clip