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Twitter Web App : My article on the political theory of American Populism is now available in open access at The Historical Journal - looking at Populist engagements with corporate personality in late 19th century, and how this upends many assumptions in our debate on 'populism.'…

Twitter Web App : Politics isnt just something for the ballot box. We are fighting for our lives--and for those we dont know. December 12th take action to support a program for working class survival. #FightForOurLives #GreenNewDeal

Twitter Web App : Marc Jaffee this too!! that's part of my reason for wanting alternatives to passenger EV transit model - bc of how resource, energy, material intensive their supply chains and consumption are

Twitter Web App : And by "engaged" I mean offer robust visions for public, green investment guided by social justice and worker empowerment -- and alternatives to the growing hegemony of privately-owned passenger EVs as best way to decarbonize transit.

Twitter Web App : Despite being a laggard compared to European & E. Asian counterparts, US green capitalists are now politically organized, with a flurry of new lobbying groups & policy goals. They see a clear opening in Biden administration. The socialist Left needs to be engaged on this terrain.

Twitter Web App : Amazing piece on why we need *public* investment in a Green New Deal by Mark Paul. Always so on point!

"Good intentions have been yielding disappointing-at-best results in public-private partnerships for decades."…

iPhone : Social movements don’t float slogans in focus groups to determine how they sound to the general public. Please stop the stupidity. Movement slogans arise organically in response to actual conditions and aspirations. You don’t have to like it but please try and understand it.…