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iPhone : this week’s video seemed to spark a lot of HEATED DEBATE in the comments... go weigh in!! 👇🏻

also... many pointed out there were potato forms i neglected to include!! pls lemme know which ones would be necessary... if this video ever got a sequel 😱 twitter.com/tyleroakley/st…

iPhone : I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Donald Trump is the most corrupt president in modern American history. Every day that he remains in office, he further threatens the future of our democracy.

We have to vote him out this November. twitter.com/washingtonpost…

iPhone : Just watch how this unfolds y’all 😳

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iPhone : this has been stuck in my head all day

(via SHUBA / Celine Dion / HOT GIRL MEG)

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iPhone : go relisten to “Judas” by Lady Gaga this very INSTANT & try to think of any song since that has slapped that disgustingly hard!! she went absolutely the fuck off!! as a song it is BONKERS. & the video?? & the imagery?? & releasing it on easter?? PLEASE!! youtu.be/wagn8Wrmzuc