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Bio Life on our planet is under threat. We aim to create a collective Voice for the Planet that will be impossible for policymakers and business leaders to ignore.
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Sprout Social : To mark the 5th anniversary of Pope Francis’ (@pontifex) environmental encyclical the Vatican is calling for the world to map out a sustainable post-coronavirus future that considers the plight of the hungry and poor.

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Sprout Social : While much of the world is in lockdown, baby orangutans in Borneo are going to “forest school” to prepare for a new life in the wild.

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Sprout Social : When we leave nature to follow its course quiet miracles can happen. In the depths of the ocean, humpback whale populations, previously devastated by commercial whaling, are making a comeback.


Sprout Social : Moths have gotten a bad rep as pests that eat your clothing, but they've been badly misjudged. They actually have a vital 'secret role' to play as crucial pollinators.


Sprout Social : If you're looking for more ways to inspire school-age kids from home, check out @TED-Ed's and UN Environment Programme's monthlong #EarthSchool – featuring adventure quests that help us understand, create, and celebrate our natural world. ed.ted.com/earth-school

Sprout Social : The Pacific Island Niue has formalized a new marine protected area in Moana Mahu, making it the second-largest reserve in the world – with a focus on the importance of its biodiversity.


Sprout Social : We can still come together – virtually – to fight #ClimateChange. Unite in our love for the planet, celebrate Earth’s beauty, and call on others to protect it in the new short, ‘Dear Humanity’.

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Sprout Social : As part of its second #coronavirus relief package, Iceland is funding projects to revive birch forests, recover land quality and ban single-use products – all in an effort to tackle #climatechange.

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TweetDeck : Many thanks Dallas Malloy for giving and sharing your #VoiceForThePlanet . Now is the time to #BuildBackBetter wrt #ClimateCrisis #biodiversity . Leaders need to hear us and ACT! voicefortheplanet.org twitter.com/TheDallasMallo…

Sprout Social : A new range of compostable bioplastics created from seeds and even fish scales could break the cycle of single-use plastic waste.

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