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Android : Tony Benn's five essential questions to the powerful:

1. What power have you got?

2. Where did you get it from?

3. In whose interests do you exercise it?

4. To whom are you accountable?

5. And how can we get rid of you?

Android : Steven H. Seggie ScotsAbroadPod Alex Murray He's clearly getting great advice and is willing to listen. What a great move.

A red card? Well it was 'one of those' but it does no harm for opponents to know he's not going to be the one who gets injured in a 50:50 challenge. Football's a mind game after all.

Android : ScotsAbroadPod Not meaning this the wrong way as I reckon it's a red.

It's not unexpected for a young defender to get the occasional red as they develop a style and reputation for getting stuck in and not shirking a tackle.

Android : David Jackson Katy Whitty is loyal to his oath but how he must wish his politicians gave him the respect the other British CMO's get, @drgregorsmith for example.

If you hire a professional, trust their advice.

Android : Kit Yates "It might be as simple as Boris wanting England to follow a different policy from the devolved countries", he said cynically.

There's 10 million people in the UK not in England so it's reasonable to look at how they do things. He needs to remember it's the virus that's the enemy

Android : i newspaper I saw someone suggest #BaronessDavidson for this the other day. Can you imagine anyone less suitable? Even Mickey Gove would be less inflammatory.

Android : Steve Archibald All us wee boys at Langloan Primary in Coatbridge used to watch him having a lunchtime kickabout in the West End Park with the mechanics from the garage next to the school. An official Local Hero, back in his Airdrieonians days.