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iPhone : I've seen a number of police chiefs come out with public statement unequivocally condemning what happened in the Floyd video -- an extent of public condemnation from law enforcement that would have been unthinkable 5 years ago twitter.com/ChiefDavidRodd…

iPhone : Coronavirus claims life of Sweden's leading terror recruiter (and was friends with Zarqawi's operational commander in Mosul) thenational.ae/world/coronavi… via The National

iPhone : 🐝🚨 An update on the hornets 🚨🐝

I regret to inform you that they are at it again, resurfacing miles beyond the territory where researchers had set traps to contain them.


iPhone : A draft of an executive order Trump is expected to sign on Thursday would seek to limit the broad legal protection that federal law currently provides social-media and other online platforms, according to people familiar with the draft. W/John D. McKinnon wsj.com/articles/in-dr…

iPhone : This story has been everywhere in right-wing media and pushed by the White House. Now the doctor behind it is walking back his claims and admitting he was wrong. twitter.com/SalHernandez/s…

iPhone : My god - my phone did one of those β€œon this day” videos automatically and it’s full of screenshots from my Twitter on May 27, 2017

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iPhone : Thank you Susan! We are so thrilled. We’ve traveled a long road to get to the life we now have. Thank you for always supporting that journey. twitter.com/ambassadorrice…

iPhone : I love how some people are replying and saying β€œwell I’m glad I’m not your friend! This isn’t what I would want.”

Part of being a good friend is knowing what your friends want! Some friends want humor, others don’t!

My god. twitter.com/yashar/status/…

Twitter Web Client : Getting texts from top dems across the board (elected officials, major donors, and activists) who are very nervous about this timeline.

They believe Biden should pick and announce a running mate much earlier than August 1. twitter.com/yashar/status/…

Twitter Web Client : 5. In 2009, Katie Couric voluntarily gave up $1 million of her salary to save jobs at CBS News

If 50 people lost their jobs this time around as some reports suggest, it wouldn't take much for Susan Zirinsky & some of her top on-air talent to save jobs