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iPhone : Join the UK’s most #elite amphibious fighting force and earn the kind of respect that only comes with a #greenberet. It’s a state of mind. You may already have it. Find out. ow.ly/U5Ss50C3Z1v

iPhone : Today, 42 Cdo celebrates the Corps’ birthday whilst maintaining core components of the Royal Marines’ original mission:to provide security for the Royal Navy Fleet and to protect the interests of the UK on the seas.


iPhone : We became the light infantry arm of the Royal Navy & have been involved in conflict in many theatres of war ever since. Campaigns from the Seven Years’ War, to the Napoleonic Wars, to the Crimean War, to WWI & WWII.

iPhone : #OTD 1664, the Royal Marines were born. King Charles II sanctioned the formation of the Duke of York & Albany’s Maritime Regiment of Foot – the first regiment to be formed specifically for sea service. Our role defined by our motto; “Per Mare, Per Terram”.

iPhone : Just about to arrive at 45 Cdo for my 9th and final unit visit, getting reacquainted with the team. It’s been amazing to interact with our diverse Cdo Force, meeting motivated Gunners, Sappers, Logisticians, Coxswains, Strike Teams, Snipers, Mobility Specialists, and more! #UWC

iPhone : Subtle changes to our daily language is such a simple thing to do, but can have a big impact.

With something this important to our people, we all need to just get on with it and change our language where we need to. twitter.com/wavellroom/sta…

iPhone : 🗣”Gendered language does more than just give offence, although avoiding this is surely a reasonable aim in itself. The real effects are far more subtle and insidious, perpetuating stereotypes, damaging recruitment and retention“