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SocialFlow : Emperor Charles V issued the Edict of Worms denouncing Martin Luther #OnThisDay 1521

SocialFlow : Charles II landed at Dover #OnThisDay 1660 offering pardons for many (but not for the regicides)

SocialFlow : Oscar Wilde was jailed for two years hard labour #OnThisDay 1895 for 'gross indecency'

SocialFlow : The Act of Toleration (of dissenting Protestants but not of Catholics) received Royal Assent #OnThisDay 1689

Tweetbot for iΟS : In Our Time speaking of Prague defenestrations, this is in fact the second of three (!); the first one, 30/7/1419 started the Hussitic wars, the third one, 10/3/1948 was the assassination of Jan Masaryk (son of the founder of Czechoslovakia, Tomas Masaryk) by the communist secret agents.

SocialFlow : Carl Linnaeus, botanist, taxonomist, who formalised binomial nomenclature, was born #OnThisDay 1707

SocialFlow : Two Catholic regents and their secretary were thrown from a Prague window #OnThisDay 1618. They survived, but 30 years of war followed

SocialFlow : The Wars of the Roses are said to have started #OnThisDay 1455 with the first Battle of St Albans

SocialFlow : Marie Antoinette, aged 14, first met her husband #OnThisDay 1770, having married him the month before

SocialFlow : Pierre Curie, physicist, winner of a Nobel with his wife Marie Curie (& Henri Becquerel) was born #OnThisDay 1859