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Bio Postdoc in satellite🛰️ data science at @CEC_Lund | A/Editor @RSECJournal | Savannas & drylands🌿, drought impacts♨️, machine learning👨🏾‍💻| Birds & Birding🐦
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Twitter Web App : Physical differences between Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs include leg color. Chiffs have dark legs and Willows have pale legs. You can clearly see that in the photographs of the above tweet 👆🏿 But it is possible to encounter confusing birds: flickr.com/photos/timmell… /4

Twitter Web App : Although the songs of Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs are generally distinct there are instances when one can hear the same bird sing the songs of both species. These are called "song switchers" or "mixed singers" as described here: soundbirding.org/index.php/2017… /3 #birdsong

Twitter Web App : Willow Warblers that breed here are highly migratory. They generally spend the winter in parts of West Africa, and much of Southern Africa. As you can tell from the maps below, Willows and Chiffchaffs spend the winter in different parts of the continent. /2 #birdmigration

Twitter Web App : The Willow Warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus) is one of our common woodland birds. Its similar to the Chiffchaff I covered earlier (twitter.com/HakimAbdi/stat…). It has a melodic liquid song synonymous with spring. It arrives here around April & departs in October. /1 #birds #birding

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Twitter Web App : Im preparing a new bird clip & as a noob in video editing, I find it difficult to remove wind noise. Southern Sweden is synonymous with wind, so theres no avoiding it. I record videos using my smartphone & dont have fancy gear, so tips welcome on how to deal with the wind.

Android : Despite the fact that Malmö is relatively green, its still a city. Its compact & densely populated, so the only way to avoid crowds at parks & beaches is to get up really early. So, I relish every opportunity to take my kids to places where we can explore nature sans crowds.

Twitter Web App : Colin Beale That was my thought as well. Also whether there's been some sort of geographic/biome separation that led to eventual speciation/split? Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with biome transitions over long (e.g. geologic) time periods.

Twitter Web App : I must add that much of this work was conducted with some awesome ECR collaborators that I met through a variety of ways (friends, conferences, email, social media). It pays boatloads to work with people you like, are dedicated to the project & are good at what they do. #ecrchat

Twitter Web App : A citations map of my research. Seeing this diverse geographical interest gives me tremendous motivation keep doing what Im doing, particularly in light of the fact that my academic career is relatively short.

Android : An example of why Black people are reclaiming their right to be in nature. Imagine if this man was alone birding or hiking? He would not be alive to tell his story.