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iPhone : Why does Keir Starmer assume government is acting in good faith, when all evidence shows the opposite?

iPhone : I do not understand how all #Children were not given a laptop or internet connection access to simply continue their schooling ..with the same lessons & teachers , on zoom meeting ?

iPhone : Overheard in Downing St.
Boris: How's our splitting the left plan going Dom?
Dom: Exactly according to plan. Twitter tearing into one another like fillys at a deb ball.
Boris: Splendid now let's move on to our next three word slogan.
Dom: Bullshit Baffles Brains
Boris: Genius.

iPhone : I'm taking a bit of a social media break for a little while. I'm thinking I need a bit of a break before jumping in before in September, if you follow me in the meantime, I will find you, I'm doing this because I feel it's necessary, done too much before, been there done that and

iPhone : NEW ARTICLE: Local, devolved and regional elections, 2021: a preview

What would be a good result? Where can we win?

All this and more...…