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Twitter Web App : The news that 100,000 people have now died of coronavirus is a national tragedy.

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iPhone : The very fact Ministers have even been considering cutting workers rights speaks volumes. The Business Secretary cant get away from his back catalogue which exposes a systematic set of beliefs and shows they cannot tackle inequality in the workplace. Me in the House yesterday:

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Twitter Web App : This Government wasted £22 billion of taxpayers’ money on a testing system that doesn’t work.

Now they’re planning to make you and your family foot the bill by hiking council tax.

Labour are calling a vote today to put a stop to this.

iPhone : Labour’s priorities: protecting families and the NHS, securing the economy, rebuilding our country.

The Tories' priorities: giving billions of pounds to their friends, hiking up council tax.

Here's how much your council tax could go up.

Twitter Web App : Want to vote by post in all upcoming elections?

Vote safely. Vote from home. Vote early. #VoteLabour. 🌹

Get signed up for your postal vote today.🗳📮


iPhone : I'm pleased that our calls on vaccine data for ethnic minority communities are being listened to. Ministers must ensure that this data is collected across the country & published daily to ensure that the vaccine is rolled out across all communities.…

Twitter Web App : This is beyond belief. Will Gavin Williamson be coming up with a credible plan to keep children learning, or will he just tell the Russian server to go away and shut up?…

Twitter Web App : The North West has already been hit hard by the pandemic and now lots of areas are dealing with flooding.

We need urgent action and support from the government Angela Rayner 😷…

Twitter Web App : The Covid-19 crisis has had a disproportionate impact on Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities, and it is so important that the vaccine roll out doesn’t leave any community behind.

Vaccinating Britain must mean a plan to vaccinate all Britons.…

iPhone : An important thread with advice about what to do if you’re asked to evacuate, as residents in parts of south Manchester are now being asked to do.

(For those outside Manchester this is a very unusual occurrence in Manchester)…

iPhone : Starting today the world has the chance to turn the page on a dark, divisive era and face the future together. We wish the new President and our Democratic friends every success as they begin heal the wounds of the recent past and look outwards to the world #InaugurationDay2021

Twitter Web App : Congratulations Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The US begins a new chapter in its history, one of hope, decency, compassion and strength.

Together, our two nations can build a better, more optimistic future for our world.

iPhone : The Home Secretary has admitted that the government failed to secure our borders against Covid-19. Listen 👇

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iPhone : In December, I was in Doncaster to call for a taskforce to be set up to protect areas which are prone to flooding.

These flood-hit communities cant be let down again.

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Twitter Web App : Liverpool to become first 'right to food' city in country…

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: The Conservatives have chosen to cut support for families in the middle of a pandemic by slashing Universal Credit.

The UK has had the worst recession of any major economy on Boris Johnson’s watch – now he is making families pay the price. #CancelTheCut