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iPhone : It’s beyond demeaning to Black voters to suggest that the selection of Kamala Harris will lock in their votes simply because of the color of her skin. Totally infantilizes Black voters. It’s absurd.

iPhone : So Joe Biden is now accepting sharia law. He has no idea what he is doing and will do or say anything for a vote. He just pissed off a lot of muslims who came here to assimilated and become American. Joe gotta go.

iPhone : My choice for whatever political office he wants. #ThisIsAmerica

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iPhone : In case you’d like to see Tulsi Gabbard destroying Kamala Harris again, here you go:

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iPhone : KAMALA HARRIS SUPPORTS: Raising taxes on individuals & corporations. Take your guns away. Free Healthcare 4 ILLEGAL ALIENS. End Fracking. Green New Deal. Paris Climate Deal. Back into Iranian Nuclear Deal. End oil/gas/coal. Pack Suprene Court with activist Judges? NO FREAKING WAY

iPhone : This #BlackLivesMatter #BLM is such a joke! It’s just Beyond hypocrisy this #POS #Indian lady #KshamaSawant has pushed out a #BlackAmerican in #CarmenBest a first female black police chief in Seattle history in the name of #BlackLives #WTF is wrong with people that allow this!

iPhone : TRANSLATION: If you don’t vote for me, you still ain’t black. But if you are black and you vote for me, Kamala and I will put you in jail, and we both have the track records to back that up. So get ready to back dat ass up! #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #TRUMP2020ToSaveAmerica twitter.com/joebiden/statu…

iPhone : #DemocRats just gave us 4 more years of the greatest #President ever ❤️Donald J. Trump by picking one of the most phony people in politics Kamala Harris who had zero support from anyone on the both side of the #Democrats hated her and so do we #Conservatives! Good luck #Rats! 😀

iPhone : Donald J. Trump I am going to select a partner based solely on their race. I will overlook all records and qualifications. I will look at no other race for consideration.

This is Exactly what #HidinBiden just did.


iPhone : #Fox So Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as VP? She got ZERO % of the BLACK VOTE in the primary! As SF DA, she locked up tons of young black men for pot crimes. This while she admittedly smoked it herself! She will HURT Biden’s chances! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡