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iPhone : Hi I’m Kenidra. I was 13 years old when Mike Brown was murdered. I saw his lifeless body. He was in street for 4 1/2 hours. I’ve been at this for almost 7 years. I led sit ins at my school AT 13! I led my first protest AT 13! Tear gassed + maced & all. And yet I’m still fighting

iPhone : They are NOT going to target the white supremacists and the proud boys.

They are going to target Black kids they see on video, no matter what they were doing. We KNOW this. It has been DONE before.

Remember when the FBI labeled & tracked *us* as “Black Identity Extremists?”…

iPhone : I’m told #BlackOutTuesday is for white folks to learn/talk about racism? New shooting of a Black man for your agenda.

David McAtee was killed by Louisville cops Sunday night. At noon Monday, his body was still there. Left dead in the street for 12 hours.…

iPhone : If you do #BlackoutTuesday on Instagram do NOT use the hashtag #blacklivesmatter or any of the other ones folks are using for info.

It BURIES all the important information and connection.

Look at the video:

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iPhone : For those keeping score at home:

The President refused to invoke the Defense Production Act to mobilize and save lives quickly against COVID-19.

But he didn't hesitate to invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act to deploy the military on American streets against protests.

iPhone : Please read the words of Adiba Nelson ”Every person in this country should be feeling the pain of every black mother who has had to bury her son or daughter because a system founded on racist ideologies deemed their child’s life not worthy”…

iPhone : Donald J. Trump I sincerely apologize😂. My sarcasm wasn't obvious enough & you definitely could’not see the rolling of my eyes, my bad... I was talking about Trump for those who didn't understand. (Ps my tone in this message is one of slight irritation & sarcasm for those unable to read that)😂

iPhone : I just received a facebook message from a white woman I've interacted with exactly once, asking me to help her educate her three children on "everything that is going on." because this somehow still needs to be said, white people, please don't do this.