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Bio Law lecturer. Interest in Scots property law, conveyancing, debt and insolvency, statutory interpretation and legislation. Accidental mental health advocate.
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Twitter Web App : starmer should loudly own this as the only possible course of action he could see.…

Twitter Web App : JVT makes his feelings pretty clear, as far as he can do, on Dominic Cummings: “In my opinion the rules are clear and they have always been clear. In my opinion, they are for the benefit of all and in my opinion they apply to all”.

Twitter Web App : matt hancock looks like he was made by the aardman animations work experience kid.

Twitter Web App : Hard to over-state what an astonishing step this is. An "export cap" is absolutely new in the internal UK movement of students./…

Twitter Web App : It is utterly mad. Utterly, completely mad. And it should make every unionist howl with rage. During a crisis, England hung out the other three nations’ universities and their hinterlands to dry…

Twitter Web App : #DraftingTips for #LawStudents - Do not over-rely on precedents. And proofread before posting.…

Twitter Web App : Catriona Renton I think IPL is a subject which makes everyone who does it a better lawyer. It encourages close analysis of legal problems through something in IPL known as characterisation, which improves your analytical skills in breaking down matters in other legal areas.

Twitter Web App : Laura OBrien Scott Wortley Also our students can’t all travel to the UK, managing any measure of social distancing on any campus is nightmarishly complicated, and - above all - what on earth makes her think we would be taking on all this extra work if we could just advocate a return to business as usual?

Twitter Web App : I’m so annoyed by this glib nonsense. Our students at zero risk? People of *all* ages have died painful, lonely deaths from this dreadful virus. Our students are not all 18-21. And as for “lecturers can keep their distance” - and if we can’t, then what?

Twitter Web App : A lot of "even The Spectator says..." in responses to this piece. But it's not "The Spectator"; it's merely my view. I wrote a piece last Saturday arguing Cummings should resign & the editor asked if I felt like writing a follow-up. So I did.…