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Android : Moks I mean she had Cheaper By The Dozen, Cinderella Story and Lizzie Maguire but still... Not competing

Android : Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, Herbie Fully Reloaded, Confessions Of A Drama Queen, Parent Trap, Just My Luck.

Hillary was not competing at that level.…

Android : At this point I'm convinced you guys are just pulling stunts at groove in hopes of trending. Soze.…

Android : We did? This is one of her greatest vocal performances ever…

Android : Good Morning to Natalie Cole and her background singers only. RIP Queen.

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Android : Bc dudes will say this without any damn research on period poverty, I will be providing YET ANOTHER thread of petitions, information, and resources to donate to, for people who can not afford pads or tampons:…

Android : Lets be very clear Beyonce had the option of spending the last decade riding on the tail of her massive pop and commercial appeal. Instead what she chose was work that would be divisive and trigger discourse. Choosing to make culturally significant work instead of easy work.

Android : I dont think people realize just how much more commercially successful Beyonce was when she was making inoffensive, apolitical & white friendly art.

By choosing to pick a side in social discourse through her art she alienated a large portion of her buying audience.

Android : they were the blueprint for reality tv with the black community as well as the “ratchet reunions”.

you know black people ALWAYS the originators. 💅🏽…

Android : It's actually interesting how the Flavor Of Love girls are still somewhat socially relevant through internet culture 12 years after the show.

No other canceled reality TV show can claim that kind of longevity and cultural relevance.…