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Android : 0A/50 Let us recall how Mr. Trump and his campaign, including Mr. Flynn, benefited from Russian support and cooperated with Russian citizens and institutions. Here are 50 ways.

Android : Just to be clear, no current employees (or students) of the NYCDOE appear on this advisory council. NYC teachers and students each represent roughly 40% of their respective demographic in the state. But go and reinvent education in NY state without either group. Makes sense!…

Android : A timely example showing value of connecting events in the past to help establish context for present. A thread worth reading.…

Android : C Guntz Well, as you know at big history's scales the gap between E.Lansing & AnnArbor blurs, so we can't see blue or green. :) Thrilled to hear BHP is going well. We're doing well and hope you're too. Stay safe.

Android : Touré Agreed about Cuomo,who has empathy for lives lost. Wish CNN and MSNBC would rebroadcast Cuomo and other Gov (Dewine?) pressers or highlights opposite these info-less campaign rallies.

Twitter Web App : If you have any more questions for University of Michigan School of Ed Dean @elianmo9 about the end of in-person instruction this school year, feel free to leave your questions and comments here using #DetroitToday

Dr. Moje has graciously agreed to keep the convo going through the day! WDET 101.9FM

Twitter Web App : With 7 east coast states & 3 west coast states leading the way on coordinating and unifying efforts, does this call for an updating revision of Franklins (supposedly) 1754 political cartoon calling for union?

Android : Feldman writes of need "to take seriously the distinction between antisemites...& the more diffuse antisemitism that subsists in political culture.This is why education...must be a priority...cultivating familiarity with its tropes & the harm done by them, regardless of intent."

Android : Important & insightful The Guardian article on "Anti-Semitism" and its international "reservoir of ideas, tropes & prejudices on which political debate often unthinkingly draws"……

Twitter Web App : Before I forget, this episode Visions of Ed episode (yes, our account is still shut down) on data visualizations in social studies really helped me re-think the topic:… #sschat