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Bio We unite democratic parties of the alternative and progressive Left on the European continent.
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Twitter Web App : We must denounce the state of violence in which American communities live, where the contradictions of race, gender and class are deep and exasperated, and where white suprematism is the basis of patriarchy and the culture of violence. #GeorgeFloyd #ICantBreathe #BlackLivesMatter

Twitter Web App : When the probability of a black person being killed by law enforcement is three times higher than for white people, this means that either the state is complicit or unable to make a real substantial change for the future of the situation! #ICantBreathe #BlackLivesMatter

Twitter Web App : While police brutality is among the first causes of death for young black people in the USA, President Trump keeps legitimising violent actions against the protesters and labelling as “terrorists” the organizational experiences, including the “Antifa” that invite them to protest.

Twitter Web App : We must continue to fight alongside our American comrades against the status quo, against any attempt to intimidate anyone who protests, and right-wing reactionary forces! #GeorgeFloyd #ICantBreathe #GeorgeFloydProtests #BlackLivesMatter

Twitter Web App : Heinz Bierbaum, President of the Party of the European Left (EL), in the interview with transform! europe, discussing the crisis of our social and economic system and the new position paper of the EL:…

Twitter Web App : Nous exprimons notre soutien à notre camarade Hugo Gutiérrez, au Partido Comunista de Chile pour la violation de l'État de droit contre Hugo Gutiérrez, avocat des droits de l'homme exemplaire dans la lutte contre l'impunité pour ceux qui ont participé à la dictature au #Chile

Twitter Web App : The EL supports the progressive forces fighting on the continent and their idea of ensuring basic needs, making life safer, around the role of the State, and the need for funding from community healthcare systems!

Twitter Web App : This moratorium is largely insufficient! It concerns only part of the public debt – 20 billion out of the 32 that these countries must repay each year, both to states and to international institutions.

Twitter Web App : Faced with the difficulties brought on by the pandemic, the finance ministers and the G20 central banks decided to suspend the repayment of the debt of 40 countries in Africa.

Twitter Web App : If the epidemic disaster has not affected the continent, its economic consequences are very present. Millions of jobs have been destroyed in the informal sector which occupies more than 80% of the working population.

Twitter Web App : On this #AfricaDay2020 we support the African people and the progressive forces fighting on the continent through political parties, unions, grassroots associations, women’s organizations for building free, peaceful, just and democratic societies.

Twitter Web App : The idea that the market can solve this crisis is an illusion!
We have to make sure that no one is left behind
#WHA73 #HealthForAll #PeopleOverProfit…

Twitter Web App : Julio Anguita fue uno de los grandes promotores de la Unidad de la Izquierda ya en los años 80 cuando se creó Izquierda Unida.

Hasta la victoria siempre