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Jake Tapper...I know; you dont like him. Who likes him? Who the hell can like him?
- President Trump

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iPhone : One of them is Fauci saying in May that an extended lockdown would cause “irreparable damage and have unintended consequences” — an argument Trump still makes.

iPhone : For what its worth, the White House-distributed list of “number of times Dr. Fauci has been wrong on things” are also things the entire administration was professing at the time (including Trump and Pence) — like not wearing masks and saying the virus wasn’t a major threat.

iPhone : I went with ⁦Bridget Nolan⁩ to one of the US's largest public school systems called out by Betsy DeVos. The superintendent told us “You can't put every kid back in a school' - watch and read here: cnn.com/2020/07/12/pol…

iPhone : The preference to stay home in the fall in D.C. appears strongest in neighborhoods where students are considered high-risk for academic loss, but where they also have seen loved ones and relatives disproportionately become sick and die from the virus. washingtonpost.com/local/educatio…

iPhone : Look at the coronavirus protocols for pro athletes (tests every other day, temperature checks twice a day, group quarantining).

Then look at the protocols for schools (handwashing, stay home if you’re sick).

Imagine if we valued the lives of teachers the same as MLB shortstops.

iPhone : We can beat this

Wear masks

Keep your distance

Wash your hands

Stay calm

Carry on

And block Covid Truthers who keep trying to say this isn't a problem & who keep getting their facts dangerously wrong twitter.com/MarcACaputo/st…

iPhone : Jake Tapper Seen your excellent movie, “The Outpost”. Great insight into heroes of our day. May God Have Mercy on their souls. Great Job Jake!

iPhone : The Outpost: An edge of your seat, moving and gripping war film. Based off the book by Jake Tapper, this movie highlights the frustrations of war and how survival in an impossible situation can be the ultimate prize

Uncle Kam - 8/10
Connor - 7.5/10 pic.twitter.com/VxmBNbNI20

iPhone : Jake Tapper congrats on The Outpost! Best war movie I’ve seen since Saving Private Ryan, and the first movie about the Global War on Terror that was as good as the book!