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Bio We campaign for a publicly funded/provided/accountable NHS. Join us! Our aim now is to ensure NHS staff are safe and to keep you informed #StaySafeMaskUp
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iPhone : This sad testimony is likely to be all too common. A vulnerable patient probably contracts Covid in a crowded NHS waiting room, and receives a letter to shield nine days after he dies.…

iPhone : Thank you. And of course! No coincidence that the vaccination program has been a huge success in the hands of the #NHS.

Meanwhile Test and trace has been an expensive disaster in the hands of the private sector.

Draw your own conclusions…

Twitter Web App : "The less affluent in our society need effective support from the Government to survive and lack of this support has obvious impacts on mental health," writes Alia Butt , founder of Keep Our NHS Public's NHS Staff Voices in Public Sector Focus…

iPhone : Privatisation by stealth Jackieapplebeeturner Doctors in Unite
US- based Centene Corporation now owns 58 GP practices in England to pursue a profit motive, incl 49 London sites

500,000 patients at risk of less clinical resource, weaker skillmix, more commercial use of patient data

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iPhone : Did you miss the launch of our #PeoplesCovidInquiry last week?

If so you can catch up here. This is Jo Goodman of COVID-19 Bereaved Families for Justice giving her evidence about the tragic story of her father

iPhone : So while A&E staff are battling the pandemic York Hospital is looking to privatise parts of its A&E

So wicked to take advantage of the pandemic to sneak this stuff through.

iPhone : Hang on a minute

Tim de Winter is deputy director of the infamous Test + Trace

He is also director of Centene U.K., subsidiary of the US corp which has just taken over 49 GP surgeries

WHAT is going on?

#chumocracy #CORRUPTION

Via Richard Fitzgerald 💙

Twitter for iPad : Just in case anyone you know is still insisting that Covid is ‘just the flu’...

Here are comparative death rates in the US…

iPhone : Matt Hancock once boasted

‘There will be no privatisation of the NHS on my watch’

The louder he talked of his honour the faster we counted our spoons


iPhone : Centene Corporation, an American health insurance giant, has just taken over 49 NHS GP surgeries and practices.

We must oppose the sell-off of our GP surgeries to Centene or any other corporation.…

iPhone : Since 1948 #NHS GPs have been self employed partnerships.

👉not PLCs.
👉no shareholders.
👉staying in communities through thick & thin.
👉patients come first, not profits.
👉don’t walk away when things get tough

(Nurses in GP surgeries get same NHS pension too)…

iPhone : Please sign the petition to stop 49 GP practices being handed to the US health care industry

Then RT and get everyone you know to sign too


iPhone : Keep Our NHS Public Contracts that have been won by private groups before are always quoted low and delivered low, when the service needs to be better they demand more money to reach accepted levels. It is never value for money nor the service required.

iPhone : Thanks a zillion to all those who have contributed to this.

In case you missed it, our #PeoplesCovidInquiry launched last week, and there is much more to come. Pls help us with this vital democratic exercise - you know the government won’t be doing it!…