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TweetDeck : TODAY: We're re-airing our 2017 Margo Price interview and in-studio concert, when her album 'All American Made' was released. And then we'll listen back to an excerpt of our 1992 interview with AIDS activist Larry Kramer. He died this week at 84.

TweetDeck : .W.J. Hennigan visited the disaster morgues set up around NYC, and spoke with the death care workers on the front lines. "The scale of it is incomparable to anything that we've seen," he says.…

TweetDeck : New York City, the epicenter of the pandemic, had 20,000 deaths in a period of two months. How did the city deal with all the bodies? TODAY: We talk with journalist W.J. Hennigan about the disaster morgues operating 24/7, and the death care workers on the front lines.

Twitter Web App : "The nose is more closely connected to our genitals than any other organ. When one area gets stimulated, the nose will become stimulated as well. Some people have too close of a connection where they get stimulated in the southerly regions, they start uncontrollably sneezing."

Twitter Web App : Larry Kramer was a maddening, brilliant, invaluable force. Incidentally, this recent Fresh Air interview with Michael Specter includes some fascinating details about the relationship between Kramer and Anthony Fauci.……

TweetDeck : TODAY: How we can train ourselves to breathe in ways that may improve our health, the quality of our sleep, and decrease anxiety. We talk with journalist James Nestor, author of 'Breath.'

TweetDeck : Comic Hannah Gadsby talks about her 2016 autism spectrum diagnosis and how it affects her comedy. "Being on stage and making a room full of people laugh felt like a connection I hadn't been able to establish in any other environment."

TweetDeck : Review: Nancy McKinley mixes screwball humor with social criticism in a collection of interlocking stories about two women who work at a mall in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Maureen Corrigan

TweetDeck : TODAY: Australian comic Hannah Gadsby. We'll talk about how her 2016 autism diagnosis helped her comedy, growing up in a large family, and why she's surprised by the success of her special 'Nanette.'

TweetDeck : Today were listening back to our 2008 interview with German photographer Astrid Kirchherr. She was best-known for her early photos of the Beatles. And well hear a 1997 interview with comic actor and improviser Fred Willard. Both died this month. Listen:

TweetDeck : Review: After journeying through England, Italy and Spain, comic duo Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon take one final trip, playing fictionalized versions of themselves as they retrace Odysseus' famed voyage. Justin Chang

TweetDeck : Now that more couples are working from home due to COVID-19, author Brigid Schulte says it's impossible to ignore "the fact that women bear so much more of the burden of child care and housework."

TweetDeck : "Think of your family as your own entrepreneurial business. How do you want it to run? Would you want your business partner to take up the entire load? That's not a really great way to run a partnership." Brigid Schulte

TweetDeck : "There's been a lot of invisible labor that women have done, that people, particularly men — even in the same household — haven't been aware of or haven't paid attention to," Brigid Schulte says.

TweetDeck : For many couples, the pandemic has exposed inequality in the home. Many women take on twice as much housework and childcare as their male partners. TODAY: We talk with Brigid Schulte about women's visible (and invisible) labor in the home, and how to make it more equal.

Twitter Web App : When Barton Gellman asked the CIA whether it had intel on him under a program targeting journalists, he got this response: "It is classified whether or not we have any classified information about you."

"That's never a good sign."

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