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Twitter Web App : Jim Goodale Tim Alberta McConnell doesn't care about legitimacy per se.

But after 11/3:

1. He holds less control over Republicans

2. Likely down a Senator (Kelly sworn in)

3. Dems' threats to pack Court etc. are stronger/more real given greater illegitimacy of action and Dems coming back into power

Twitter Web App : 3. Below are the 2016 numbers from the Politico article.👇

Alberta: It’s not difficult to deduce that had a Supreme Court seat not been hanging in the balance, Hillary Clinton would be president right now.
“I agree,” McConnell said.

Twitter Web App : 2. Here's the Tim Alberta piece on why a Supreme Court vacancy hanging in the balance, to be decided after 11/3, could help Trump's reelection chances.


iPhone : David Frum’s point makes sense to me. If this goes past 11/3 and Trump/GOP lose, it becomes harder for McConnell to get nominee through.

But if this becomes a post-11/3 vote, it could also galvanize the right to vote for Trump. (Read Tim Alberta on this.) twitter.com/davidfrum/stat…

iPhone : 1. Pew poll: “41% of Republicans who have heard something about it say QAnon is somewhat or very good for the country.”

2. Would be far lower if President of United States condemned the conspiracy theory.

3. Read also: “QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded”
justsecurity.org/72339/qanon-is… twitter.com/marshallcohen/…

iPhone : When one group fights for power at all costs vs a group fighting for the rule of law, the second group had damned well better mobilize while it still can, because it only gets harder. Trust me on this one.

Twitter Web App : 2. The four House Committee Chairs letter to the DOJ Inspector General on Durham investigation follows a letter—from all Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee including Sen. Kamala Harris—sent to the Inspector General yesterday.


Twitter Web App : Four Chairs of House Committees call on DOJ Inspector General to open emergency investigation of Barr-Durham activities.

This is not just about internal DOJ policies.

Sets up potential Hatch Act investigation (which could result in criminal referrals)

Twitter Web App : Odd coincidence. 🤔

Two Turkish accounts going after Antifa within 5 mins of each other. Equating it to the Gülen movement in Turkey, which the Erdogan government blames for an attempted coup in 2016.

iPhone : Barr on journalists: "They don't care that they're not telling the truth, because they don't believe truth is a meaningful concept. It's about the pursuit of power. I'd be more tolerant of it if they were informed people, but they're not."


Twitter Web App : Rangappa and Shimer link to this important piece by Jay Rosen calling on newsrooms to set up teams to anticipate these kinds of threat scenarios (and more) for 2020 election season.

Rosen interviews Joshua A. Geltzer and Alex Stamos for his article


Twitter Web App : .David Rothkopf and I discussed with Peter Strzok:

What’s Putin’s cost-benefit calculus for interfering with US election infrastructure in 2020?

Will Russia pull back, for the reason James Clapper thought they did in 2016, anticipating a Trump loss?


Twitter Web App : Great analysis on Putin's goals, methods, and risks in manipulating voter data and vote tallies in #2020Election.

Asha Rangappa and David Shimer discuss three threat scenarios.

I recommend reading their article along with ...


iPhone : Good by Director Wray

On Weds, Barr made case for political role in DOJ and said of FBI: “These people are agents of the attorney general...whose agents do you think you are?”

Rep Demings asks Wray about it.

Wray: “We, the FBI, work for the American people.”

h/t: Kyle Cheney

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iPhone : Heh. Just noticed One America News deleted all Derkach tagged stories from its site, including a Reuters story on the Ukrainian MP and US-labeled active Russian agent being sanctioned for election interference. But — oops! — it didnt delete one misspelled with Derkash, which remains.

Twitter Web App : SCOOP: US intel officials drafted reports as early as March of 2019 warning that Derkach, and other Russian proxies, were attempting to undermine the 2020 election in America.

Lawmakers were notified.

w/Sam Brodey Spencer Ackerman Asawin Suebsaeng


Twitter Web App : "To spread this disinformation, Russia enlists the help of characters like Andriy Derkach and Andriy Telizhenko."

Telizhenko "is also the star witness in the Johnson-Grassley investigation."

Sen. Ron Wyden, member of Senate Intelligence Committee


iPhone : Trump says “nothing happened” after he abandoned NE Syria to Putin and Erdogan. But according to a new UN report, “war crimes”—rape, murder, abduction, looting, forced displacement—happened in areas we abandoned (and getting worse).👇 twitter.com/elizhagedorn/s…

iPhone : 2. If the State Department’s top lawyer can't answer that easy question correctly, what assurance do we have that the Pompeo State Department is properly assessing potential Saudi war crimes in #YemenWar?