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iPhone : As usual, Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve are slow to act. Germany and others are pumping money into their economies. Other Central Banks are much more aggressive. The U.S. should have, for all of the right reasons, the lowest Rate. We don’t, putting us at a.....

Twitter for iPad : DuckDuckGo What a search engine. Been using it since it’s inception. #neverTracks. Get rid of Google. Have DuckDuckGo set as default on my IMac 27, two iPads and two iPhones. Don’t settle for less. Not affiliated with their company, a happy user. pic.twitter.com/Ubc4hojb6K

Twitter for iPad : @carol89922442 thank you for the follow. Just spotted that adorable cat. Soft spot for them...they seem to know! I am a ‘cat-napper’! Take care & look forward to reading your tweet.

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