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Bio Producer/Director of the X-Men, Fantastic Four 2nd season, Capt Planet, Jonny Quest, GI JOE, GI JOE Movie, The Karate Kid, Care Bears. Comic book fan & MCU fan.
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Android : John Colicos' voice will always be what I hear when I read Apocalypse's lines in the comics. It's so rich and intimidating. pic.twitter.com/82oxKzhCQJ

Android : Also, love Pyro and Avalanche as bored business-partners on Muir Island. Poor dudes get thrashed by Rogue only to end up accidentally kidnapping their own boss. Hell of a day on the job.

Android : Classic X-Men So glad the X-Men show and its toys helped make everyone's childhood memories so enjoyable. I'm glad I had a part of that. Oh, and I do remember having all of these figures at work, btw.

Android : juan alfonso Lou was a great friend Id known since Filmation in the 80s. He was also a wonderful character designer, a storyboard artist on TMNT & Addams Family & Smurfs, & an animator on Raggedy Ann & Andy He left us too soon in 2013. I still miss him.
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Android : X-Men: the Animated Series & the X-Men comic series was in many ways allegorical to the Civil Rights movement.

XMenTAS influenced so many kids of the 90s generation.

Let’s, Marvel Entertainment, on #MLKDay, celebrate the show’s African-American director, XMENDirector, Larry F. Houston! twitter.com/generationsofx…

Android : I am desperately trying to do some work today, realized that Disney+ has the complete X-men animated series. 5 year old and 3 year old are engrossed. Dad win right there. You're welcome guys.