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Bio Perhaps the only good amateur epidemiologist.—NYT. @UNC prof. Words in the @TheAtlantic and @NYTimes. Writes @insight newsletter: zeynep.substack.com.
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Twitter Web App : Second day with above thousand deaths reported for the United States. And this, with much better therapeutics and clinical practice. And we're headed into fall/winter and more indoors. twitter.com/COVID19Trackin…

Twitter Web App : Gah it’s still so hard to find people who can chat on record about their PPE experiences because of hospital media policies. If you are in a position of power in health system PR: please fight to let health workers speak out, especially during a pandemic.

Twitter Web App : Had he not been murdered, Emmett Till would have been only a few years older than both our presidential candidates this year. The past isn't that far past. twitter.com/EmmeTillcenter…

Twitter Web App : Oh wait, I have a newsletter I can write this out in. 😀(Was going to write about Facebook's Biden/Trump ad pricing differences).

Twitter Web App : One thing I'd agree with Glenn is that there's no need to waive the Russian disinformation flag here. It's a distraction. Let's talk it out: what deserves attention and why?

Twitter Web App : We're not in speech or censorship wars, we're in attention wars. I'd argue that both Greenwald's resignation and Ben Smith's "return of the gatekeepers" is also partly about this: what deserves attention and how much? twitter.com/Kantrowitz/sta…

Twitter Web App : The deliberate suppression of genomic tracing of a superspreader outbreak is not only flagrant anti-science, but also a deplorable cover-up that "probably led to transmission in the states that could have been avoided"

Twitter Web App : Overwhelmed by political spam? Send email to support@ngpvan.com and ask to be put on the global blocklist. It helps and they are friendly about it! (thanks Thomas H. Ptacek for the lesson)

Twitter Web App : *checks news* For the record, I'd like to note that one of my own motivations to start the Insight by Zeynep newsletter was to write *more* ambiguous stuff that I'm openly ambivalent about and wanting more of a process of collective thinking, and my editors are awesome! *hides*

Twitter Web App : This is, I am convinced, one of the most important stories of this election. twitter.com/JeffSharlet/st…

iPhone : Ian Shepherdson Josh Barro Pent up demand after a pandemic? What an idea, right? Pretty amazing how people have forgotten about the Roaring Twenties, similar to the way everybody tried hard to forget about the 1918 pandemic right after it ended.

iPhone : Right. You can play this game with literally any reform. “If it was necessary to pass a Voting Rights Act then you wouldn’t have been able to pass it, you can, therefore it’s not necessary.” It’s dorm room nonsense. twitter.com/adamserwer/sta…

Twitter Web App : I do not understand how use of color became use of all colors simultaneously, but I swear I cannot find anything on my phone anymore because of my 40+ circus icons.