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Twitter Web App : ‘Nothing can justify this destruction of people’s lives’.
Yoram Lass, former director of Israel’s Health Ministry, on the hysteria around Covid-19

The #Lockdown will kill more people than the virus.


Twitter Web App : My reaction every time I hear the words "Nikki Haley".


Twitter Web App : A Conspiracy Theorist Confesses

Twitter Web App : No Social Distancing here!

Packed Land of the Ozarks in Missouri, yesterday.
Full of people enjoying the sunshine.

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Twitter Web App : The Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional government-created monopoly. Bankers and politicians can act recklessly, while the rest of the population suffers the consequences and pays the price.

Twitter Web App : A Timeline—Pandemic and Erosion of Freedoms Have Been Decades in the Making


Twitter Web App : Israel must release Palestinian children, UN says

Twitter Web App : 🤬🤬🤬

Violent Criminal Transferred To Michigan Nursing Home AFTER Testing Positive For Covid-19

How can someone be so stupid as to put a violent criminal with Covid into an old peoples home?
The elderly are the most vulnerable

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Twitter Web App : NYT includes MURDER VICTIM in controversial front page list of Covid-19 deaths

#FakeNews @NYTimes does it again.


Twitter Web App : Deadlier than Covid? Medics sound alarm as lockdown suicides SOAR in US – and health officials knew it would happen

The #Lockdown will kill more people than the virus.

Twitter Web App : George Carlin calling out Covid-19 shit, Germs, Immune Systems & Disease in 1999!


Twitter Web App : Protesters in Sacramento demanding Governor Newsom end his shutdown tyranny in California.


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Twitter Web App : 1/4 I have complied a list of (medical) professionals who have spoken out against the way this 'Pandemic' is being handled. I am sure the list is more extensive than this, so if anyone else can add any other medical professionals to the list?

Twitter Web App : Charlemagne said Joe Biden’s ‘you ain’t black’ comment was a “real Bulworth moment.” It’s worth revisiting both.

Here’s the Bulworth moment that I think he’s talking about:

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Twitter Web App : Psycho Mayor of Chicago says we must choose leaders who have “pledged allegiance to the New World Order”.

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Twitter Web App : The Zuckerberg - Bill Gates Master Plan