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Twitter Web App : The normal recommended Social Distancing is 6 feet, but for Joe Biden it is recommended you keep at least 65 miles away if you want to retain your sanity and not get sexually harassed.


Twitter Web App : Best car crash political apology ever (if he actually did apologise that is).


#USA #MAGA #Scotland #UK #NZ #Canada #Australia twitter.com/Ian56789/statu…

Twitter Web App : NYU Study Finds 44% Decrease In Deaths When Using Hydroxychloroquine + AZT + Zinc Combo


Twitter Web App : When is #TwitterFactCheck going to be applied to lying treasonous scumbags like James Clapper, John Brennan and James Comey who illegally spied on political opponents for partisan political gain?

Twitter Web App : When is #TwitterFactCheck going to be applied to all the lying Neoliberal Russiagate Hoaxers?

Twitter Web App : Twitter & media know this isn’t about mail-in ballots or fraud, but about who gets to define truth; Trump does too

Voter Fraud is rampant in US elections.
The US has one of the least secure electoral systems in the entire world

Twitter Web App : WATCH 👇

See how uncomfortable the women are cos they know he's got dementia so they know they must go easy on him. twitter.com/Ian56789/statu…

Twitter Web App : WTF????

Joe Biden cannot string a coherent sentence together as Neoliberal propaganda hacks try to coax him into apologizing for sexual harassment - which he refuses to do.

Bidens Senile Dementia is getting worse.


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Twitter Web App : California homeless deaths multiply but not from the virus as #Lockdown cuts off access to medical care, food & sanitation


Twitter Web App : ‘Obsessive partisanship’: Pew Research blasted for misleading tweet casting Dem districts as doing better on Covid-19 deaths


Twitter Web App : Ian56 And states such as New York are literally giving untold numbers of people a death sentence by prohibiting the use of this medication that has been effective for 30 years in treating a number of conditions.

Twitter Web App : Hydroxychloroquine: A Cardiologist Destroys The Mainstream Narrative That It Is Dangerous.

The Media prove they are in Big Pharmas pocket by continuing to lie about the abundant evidence showing HCQ is highly beneficial in treating Covid-19


Twitter Web App : Power Freaks Losing Control As Public Laughs At Coronavirus Lockdowns


Twitter Web App : Government adding up Covid deaths in order to justify violating our rights and freedom.


Twitter Web App : Finally!

New York Governor Cuomo reverses order forcing nursing homes to admit Covid positive residents.

This order cost many thousands of lives in New York.

Order Forcing Nursing Homes to Take Covid Patients Scrubbed from N.Y. State Website


Twitter Web App : From 9/11 to COVID-19, It’s Been a Perpetual State of Emergency


Twitter Web App : PoliticalAnt🐜(a.k.a. @JazzLuvnAnt🎷)🔥😷🌹) 's Twitter Profile">PoliticalAnt🐜(a.k.a. @JazzLuvnAnt🎷)🔥😷🌹 Twitter Support This tweet contains FACTUAL information on Bill Gates, his vaccine, and Hydroxychloroquine.

YOU are posting FALSE information about Covid-19 and ENDANGERING people's lives.

PoliticalAnt🐜(a.k.a. @JazzLuvnAnt🎷)🔥😷🌹) 's Twitter Profile">PoliticalAnt🐜(a.k.a. @JazzLuvnAnt🎷)🔥😷🌹: You should delete your FALSE information