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Bio Author of History Books like ‘Get Well Soon’ & ‘We Came First.’ @harpersbazaarus, @nytimes, @nypost. Married to @Kibblesmith. Lady Gremlin from Gremlins 2.
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iPhone : Remembering the time Daniel said he related to Meg in Little Women, and I said “No, you’re an Amy, like me” which is probably the most Amy thing I’ve ever done. Quietly and politely allowing himself to be overruled is possibly proof he’s a Meg.

iPhone : incredible bummer that history nerds have made it so we can no longer have bizarre fake period pieces with outfits that are not meticulously researched but instead just vibe incredibly hard

iPhone : [Godzilla attacks city]

Trump Supporter: Uhh, OKAY, you can flee the city like a sheeple, but last I checked, heart disease kills WAY more people than Godzilla, so if you need me, I’ll be at the beac—[is crushed by Godzilla]