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Android : Qurban Mamut is influential and well known witter! He must be release immediately! twitter.com/bsintash/statu…

Android : The three men charged, and many others, now want answers on why the case was dropped

Or why it was even brought when all other prosecutions for YPG volunteering or support had failed


Android : A judge said prosecutors had rejected all defence proposals on how they could be compelled to provide more information

“There is no basis upon which I can require the prosecution to say more by way of explanation for their decision to offer no evidence," he added

Android : After lawyers filed a dismissal application and abuse of process argument, the CPS said there was "insufficient evidence to sustain a reasonable prospect of conviction" but didn't say what had changed

Defence lawyers demanded an explanation but it would not give more detail

Android : Prosecutors have refused to explain why they dropped terror charges against three men accused of supporting Kurdish fighters in Syria, amid allegations of diplomatic pressure from Turkey

One was kept in prison for 7 months before the case was scrapped


Android : Court of Final Appeal held in Secretary for Justice v Cheng Ka Yee FACC 22/2018 that dishonest access to computer does not apply to one accessing her own computer

Today a magistrate gave a warrant for police to seize PORI's own computers suspecting PORI dishonestly accessed them twitter.com/damon_pang/sta…

Android : From #Huawei to hydrogen and #HongKong, we need to recognise the strategic threat China poses and, together with our allies, decide what we will do to reduce it, otherwise we risk repeating the failed lessons of the past. Read article in full below: iainduncansmith.org.uk/content/britai…

Android : Five years ago, Chinese police broke into homes of hundreds of human rights lawyers in #China, and arrested them while confiscating some telecommunication devices. Now the same plot is being carried out in #HongKong, on the eve before the pan-democracy camp's Legco primary. twitter.com/LeungKaiChiHK/…

Android : David vs. Goliath: #Chinas puppet masters have pulled all the strings to try to stop the democratic camps primaries to ruin our chance to win in #LegCo2020 election. But #HongKongers fight back with ingenuity. In Yaumatei, a Post-It note on a fire hose to remind people to vote.

Android : 1/ EU’s move to ban the exports of police equipment is a reasonable and welcoming reaction when Beijing just imposed a sweeping security law that will be a Sword of Damocles over local dissidents. Shortly after its enactment, the law has already been misused.

Android : .Laura Harth 😷: #HKPolice ha appena fatto irruzione in ufficio del co-organizzatore primarie campo democratico #PORI,portando via tutti i computer, giorni dopo entrata in vigore #nationalsecuritylaw e solo un giorno prima delle primarie delle forze pro-democrazia. GlobalCRL

Android : BREAKING: sources confirmed about the raid in HKPOP, one day ahead of the primary elections from the pro-democracy camp. twitter.com/damon_pang/sta…

Android : Wang Quanzhang continues to demonstrate extraordinary courage, undefeatable spirit by filing a complaint against the Tianjin police who committed horrific human rights abuses against him. I'm in awe.

Android : The communist party is scared now. They are afraid of the power of the people demonstrated in the pro-democracy camp primary election. The CCP is going to suppress the election at all cost. We need to stand firm.
#hongkong twitter.com/damon_pang/sta…

Android : BREAKING: #HongKongPolice have entered the office of the Public Opinion Research Institute, PORI, according to source. #RTHK is told that officers have a search warrant & accuses the survey body of dishonest use of computer. Source says police are trying to take away all PCs

Android : “It was my sister’s birthday a couple of days ago. This one’s for her” ❤️😢

After scoring to seal his first Danish league title with DANSKE MESTRE 2020, Awer Mabil paid an emotional tribute to his late sister, fans, teammates, coaches and club.

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Android : Nothing gets the blood boiling quite like listening to a podcast on US-China diplomacy in which American experts talk about/over Hong Kong like it’s just some political poker chip and not home to millions of people who have been struggling for decades to decide their own fate.