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Bio 🚫Trump, 🚫GOP, 🚫NRA. No Lists, I am here to resist until trump is impeached. Father, Husband, Navy Vet. Sauvágé #PRU Warning: Red; Weapons: Free.
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iPhone : Last fall, my campaign demonstrated just how easy it is to pay Facebook to promote lies on its platform. This is unacceptable.…

iPhone : There are moments in our history so grim, so heart-rending, that theyre forever fixed in each of our hearts as shared grief. Today is one of those moments. 100,000 lives have now been lost to this virus.

To those hurting, Im so sorry for your loss. The nation grieves with you.

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iPhone : Texas had approved vote by mail. Today, the Supreme Court overruled it in favor of GOP.

The courts, the DOJ, the Senate and large corporations are all compromised. Even our social media is compromised.

We are being annihilated. 😢

iPhone : As 100,000 Americans are dead and 36.8 million unemployed, Moscow Mitch refuses to discuss any measures to help Americans suffering, starving and dying. All he is focused on is confirming extremist judges. He, and the GOP Senators running in November must be shown the door!

iPhone : This is the President of the United States retweeting a video that opens, saying "the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat."…

iPhone : The President retweeted a video that opens with a man saying, “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

Donald Trump is putting targets on Americans backs, fomenting violence and hate, and his words are killing people. In El Paso. In Dayton. In Charlottesville.

158 days.…

iPhone : Zuckerberg just criticized Twitter for acting as an “arbiter of truth” because it fact checker two (2) of Trump’s tweets

Facebook’s solution is to make THE DAILY CALLER the arbiter of truth


iPhone : Quoting scholars across the spectrum, including me, on why Trump’s latest threats are toothless but far from harmless. The unconstitutional character of his threats doesn’t prevent them from undermining everyone’s liberties.…

iPhone : I am stunned at the arrogant imbecility of this situation. The 'officer' should be in custody, instead approx 100 police with batons etc are surrounding his house to protect him. Ridiculous use of personnel. Once again speaks to appalling culture of Minneapolis Police…

iPhone : This new Senate Democrats report outlines how big money special interests drive the GOP judicial nominations process. It’s clearer than ever that Senator McConnell is trying to capture our nation’s independent judiciary and use the courts do his donors’ dirty work. #CapturedCourts…

iPhone : Stephanie Alexander, the newly promoted chief of staff for Donald Trumps presidential campaign was arrested in Oklahoma in 2016 and charged with conspiracy to violate state election laws…