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Bio NASAs JSC is the lead center for the International Space Station and the Orion spacecraft, and the home of the Mission Control Center and NASA astronaut corps.
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Twitter Media Studio : Were testing tools & developing training for lunar surface operations & moonwalks NASA Astronauts will conduct on Artemis missions. 🌙

This Friday, watch live as we speak with the astronauts training underwater! Submit your Qs with hashtag #AskNASA, & stay tuned for details.

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Twitter Web App : New suit. 🧑‍🚀 New tools. 🛠️ New mission. 🌙

NASA Astronauts are preparing now for moonwalks planned for when we land the first woman and next man on the Moon -- and theyre practicing underwater to evaluate how well train for #Artemis missions. More:

Twitter Web App : Do you think outside the box? Help NASA on our newest Lunar Deep Freeze Challenge!

We're seeking novel approaches to cryogenic containment that will allow lunar sample transport from the Moon back to Earth. 🚀 #Artemis

Learn how to enter 👇…

Twitter Web App : What are Galactic Cosmic Rays & what threat do they pose to astronauts?

Galactic Cosmic Rays are a type of radiation. NASA’s Human Research Program studies how this radiation may affect the human body & potential countermeasures for deep space missions.…

TweetDeck : The station boosted its orbit out of the way of an unknown piece of space debris today after a docked resupply ship fired its engines at 5:19pm ET. The Exp 63 crew has resumed normal activities. More...

Twitter Media Studio : Over twenty years, there have been 240 different humans float aboard the International Intl. Space Station. Can you guess the most common first name among all those astronauts and cosmonauts? #TuesdayTrivia

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Twitter Web App : Do you know a Texas high school junior interested in STEM? 🔬💻⚙️🧮

Have them attend the #NASAHAS info session on Sept. 23 at 6pm CT to learn how they can become a High School Aerospace Scholar!

Join the info session here🔗

Twitter Web App : LIVE NOW: We are going to the Moon, and heres how.

Administrator Jim Bridenstine and other senior leadership discuss our #Artemis Phase 1 plan to return humanity to lunar surface by 2024.

🎙️ Listen in:

Twitter Web App : From linking family farms to local markets, to using ultraviolet light to clean air — the winners of this year’s NASA International Space Apps Challenge COVID-19 Challenge have found incredible ways to tackle the pandemic from all walks of life. More:

Twitter Web App : This week, the crew on station tended to a variety of science hardware. The next Cygnus spacecraft is named S.S. Kalpana Chawla in honor of the first woman of Indian descent to go to space. #SpaceToGround

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Twitter Web App : In honor of #HispanicHeritageMonth, meet Dr. Ellen Ochoa.

A former NASA astronaut, Ochoa was the first person of Hispanic heritage to fly to the International Intl. Space Station and later became Johnson Space Centers first Hispanic Center Director.

Twitter Web App : Even on long-duration missions while isolated from Earth, NASA Astronauts still “CONNECT” while confined in a spacecraft or on the @space_station. We learn how this method works for those of us here on Earth on this week’s “Houston, We Have a Podcast.”…

Twitter Web App : Do you ever go 22 hours without sleep? What about 40 hours? How does sleep impact your performance? NASA’s Human Research Program uses the Human Exploration Research Analog to study how crews perform depending on how much they sleep. Learn more:…

Twitter Web App : Crew-1 will be launching to the @space_station in just over a month! 🚀 Hear from agency, program, and SpaceX leaders -- and the astronauts themselves -- on Tuesday, September 29:

Twitter Web App : A subset of lunar rocks was collected and sealed during the Apollo missions 50 years ago, only to be opened when new technologies were available to study them. Now, theyre revealing evidence of how our Moon might have formed: A massive collision. 💥

Twitter Web App : Happy 90th birthday to Lt. General Thomas P. Stafford! 🎂

Stafford, who commanded the Apollo 10 mission, continues to serve the agency as chairman of the International Intl. Space Station Advisory Committee that provides advice and recommendation to NASA.