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iPhone : Hi #OlgaPetrycki, I keep getting @CIBC ceo #VictorDodig msg abt how much he cares for customers. Tell that to my autistic daughter whose Visa/Debit cards r cancelled with nowhere to go to resolve a $1.38 charge. After calling five 1-800 numbers, no luck.

iPhone : टिड्डी हमले को जायरा ने कैसे धर्म से जोड़ा?
#ISISVsTarekFatah #KhojKhabar #NewsNationTV News Nation Deepak Chaurasia Tarek Fatah manoj gairola

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iPhone : अल्लाह का इस्लाम Vs मुल्ला का इस्लाम
#ISISVsTarekFatah #KhojKhabar #NewsNationTV News Nation Deepak Chaurasia Tarek Fatah manoj gairola

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iPhone : महामारी को मजहबी रंग कौन दे रहा?
#ISISVsTarekFatah #KhojKhabar #NewsNationTV News Nation Deepak Chaurasia Tarek Fatah manoj gairola

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iPhone : AntiFA terrorists set fire on a policeman in Spain. Brutal na?

When lSlS was at its peak in 2015-16, at that time this Spain had adopted the huge number of refugees from Syria, Iraq. Even the women of Spain were knitting sweaters for those refugees.

The WEST has been FOOLED.

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iPhone : “Overnight I became a young widow. My children, who were ages five, seven & nine, lost their father, & we became poor when the Khomeini regime confiscated all of my husband’s assets,” said Hay, who is now in her 70’s & living in Los Angeles.
Karmel Melamed

iPhone : Abdul Razak Khan whos self certified expert, not able to answer a simple question and treat himself as a big supporter of Indian Congress Party. See his stupidity !!
Congressy never wanted Independence : Source

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iPhone : हम शाहीन बाग़-2 नही होने देंगे। #ShaheenBagh

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iPhone : Wonder how the mob would have got on had he been armed?

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iPhone : Black Lives Matter at Toronto City Hall.

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iPhone : Abdul Kareem and Mohammad Riyazudin brought explosives from Malappuram to murder pregnant #Elephant. Now Both are absconding.

Wilson is arrested, there is a gang of Missionary & M, which murder Elephants due to hate against Hindus.

Behind every Crime, You will find a Peaceful.

iPhone : The occupier Pakistan, make active its death squads and military forces to progress its military barbarism and attacks on the Baloch dignity. But, now every Baloch have to escalate this resistance and raise their voice themselves, because others never do. #JusticeForBramshBaloch

iPhone : Antifa is mostly made up of privileged White Dudes. That’s true as are the Greta ecology marxists. thefederalist.com/2019/07/01/ant…

iPhone : It's comical how Arabs, South Asians and other "POC" are suddenly talking about BLM. So hypocritical. Like Iran lamenting the plight of American protesters while they murder their protesters by the thousands on their streets. They raise a blood-soaked hand to point at others. twitter.com/aluminiummaide…