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Twitter Web App : Rob Wilson Start them within 4 weeks but have them delivered within 8 weeks of starting. Does look like they have to create a pro-forma application listing what they want to do.

Twitter Web App : Some more info from Dept for Transport on the emergency active travel grants.

The total is £225 million and there is £45 million in the first tranche “so that work can begin at pace on closing roads to through traffic, installing segregated cycle lanes and widening pavements“

Android : This letter to local authorities is phenomenally strong expressly laying out that they have to begin delivery within 4 weeks and have 8 weeks after to finish. None of that posh infra. Do it with planters and do it quick. Priority should be for road closures.…

Twitter Web App : Latest word cloud downloaded from the B&NES Council
consultation. Also instructions if you want to do it yourself!

Twitter Web App : As part of our streets for people project last year we used 3D photos & models to blend our solutions into historic areas to quickly explore impactful changes. Linked to a festival or community event, transformations can be fast and generate income & activity for local businesses

Twitter Web App : 1000 comments in under 48 hours. Fantastic to see so many people engaging in trying to enable inclusive safe walking, cycling, and wheeling in B&NES Council

You rock!

Twitter Web App : Robert W Old. Not Obsolete. I would probably suggest looking at how to create Low Traffic Neighbourhoods where possible. Budgets are going tight. Any pavement widening/hill flattening is very expensive.

Twitter Web App : Jon Irwin 🔶️ TBH the one thing I am happy about is that the answer to sustainable transport is no longer buses and trains. There were way too many councillors and officers that worshipped at that altar. We need resilient transit networks and walking, wheeling, and cycling are key to that.