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iPhone : What next: cross-border actors will now scramble to pivot ops to one crossing, NES will continue to struggle, and in 12 months this will all happen again. A subsequent effort to mandate the two lost crossings in another resolution may take place separately.

iPhone : The bad news: no Bab al-Salam and no north-east access. It’s some clear parties to the conflict aren’t interested in humanitarian principles and haven’t changed their fundamental position that aid is something that can be used as a political or conflict-related lever.

iPhone : The good news: yesterday the UNSC managed to agree on a cross-border resolution which allows access to Idlib through Bab al-Hawa crossing for 12 months. No sanctions language included. Russia and China abstained. Dominican Republic abstained due to lack of IHL related language.

iPhone : After more vetos, UNSC members are now scrambling to find a workable extension to the cross-border aid resolution before its midnight expiry. Meanwhile, two more COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Idlib after the virus reached the region this week. Stakes couldn’t be higher.

iPhone : UPDATE: Russia - China Veto at UNSC Blocking humanitarian aid to Syria

• Double Veto on day mandate expires
• 13-2 Vote for Res.
• US Amb: Russia/China politicizing aid
Emma Beals: Aggravates Humanitarian catastrophe in Idlib
• Amnesty: Despicable thenational.ae/world/the-amer…

iPhone : At Bab al-Salam border crossing today, where 31 trucks crossed from Turkey into NW #Syria carrying medicines & other relief supplies

Hope it’s not the last time the UN uses this crossing. We’re counting on the Security Council to re-authorize both crossing points into NW Syria

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iPhone : This is terrible news. High density IDP accommodation for millions is high risk for uncontrollable outbreaks. All while aid access is debated and may expire on Friday. Nightmare scenario. twitter.com/elizrael/statu…

iPhone : It’s going to be a very long week. This will continue down to the wire. twitter.com/amandaruthpric…

iPhone : Donors need to start

** preparing legal justification for cross-border w/o UN Security Council ok;

** developing logistical coordination capacity to replace UN role in Idlib sooner or later;

** fixing sanctions regimes so they really doesn't impede humanitarian aid programs twitter.com/SHeydemann/sta…

iPhone : As Syria’s economy melts down, it has become ever harder for Syrians abroad to send money to loved ones inside.

The Syrian regime plays the leading role in sabotaging remittances, but other countries add to the problem.

From ⁦Haley McCoin⁩ synaps.network/post/syria-eco…

iPhone : Today, UN Sec Council expected to announce result of vote on Russian proposed resolution after Russia + China vetoed prvs draft proposal re crucial aid to NW #Syria. All other council members had approved the vetoed draft ystdy. They must remain firm. Why?👇🏼 twitter.com/RawyaRageh/sta…

iPhone : Given that civilian protection and humanitarian access are included in 2254, it’s impossible to separate this from the rest of the political process. Agreeing to attend the CC doesn’t count for much if you simultaneously degrade humanitarian access (or attack civilians).

iPhone : Clear standards must be set with Russia and Damascus re aid operations and access, in line with humanitarian principles. They’ve shown in NES they’re not up to the task. There has to be some onus on these actors to demonstrate behavior change before any increase in Dam operations

iPhone : There’s a moral labyrinth re: protection of aid workers to be worked through if x-border goes, but let’s be clear: that risk remains anyway (see COI report yesterday—52 attacks) and it’s really a question for the local partners that take on current risk and will continue to do so

iPhone : A limited NW renewal should be accompanied by rapid large-scale effort to pivot to pre-July-2014 cross-border operations outside UN mechanism, so next renewal isn’t needed. No scaling up cross-line to the NW, not without a permanent ceasefire and not while there’s COVID-19 risk.

iPhone : Next few days a major test for UNSC members and major donors to Syria. A weak response to January’s renewal is partly responsible for the current predicament, cannot happen again. Time to unhook from a system that allows conflict parties to play politics with millions of lives.

Twitter Web App : #Brussels conference highlights tensions between #Syria’s growing needs and political stalemate

- MEI Syria Program scholar Emma Beals looks back at the disappointing but not surprising results from last weeks international summit:


Twitter Web App : Baath-led 'National Unity Lists' for upcoming parliamentary run in Damascus and Aleppo city districts, Rif Dimashq, and Aleppo govenorate include 65 candidates (61 Baath Party candidates, 24 of whom are incumpent MPs; while of non-Baath, one new candidate) bit.ly/2ZLCCuX

Twitter Web App : All of this spiteful and cruel politicking is about a resolution that facilitates the delivery of life-saving humanitarian aid to millions of people, the majority of whom are displaced. It was only ever needed because the regime routinely starves groups of its own population.