💚JS100 Im not working for the clampdown🙂 (@js100js100 )

💚JS100 Im not working for the clampdown🙂

Bio 🙂Kick over the walls, cause governments to fall - The Clash.... God gives us the darkness so we can see the stars - Johnny Cash
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Android : Klaus Schwab is inviting us all to participate in the virtual #DavosAgenda conference next week. All of the globalists that run our planet will be there.. #WorldEconomicForum #KlausSchwab Thehttps://www.weforum.org/events/the-davos-agenda-2021

Android : Nails it 👏👏👏
Ordinary people are now being criminalised by this tyrannical government. How can any person with a functioning brain cell actually think what’s occurring globally is about protecting us from a virus with a 99.9+ survival rate? LEON Ivor Cummins

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Android : It turns out that a major hallmark of the ageing process in many mammals is inflammation, leading to a multitude of diseases.

Android : Szczepimy się 😄😄😄 dzień dobry

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