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Twitter Web App : Maya Forstater GMB_Union) 's Twitter Profile">GMB_Union Yo! GMB_Union) 's Twitter Profile">GMB_Union mums are not terrorists. Women have the absolute right to discuss laws that affect us. And the right not to be bullied by men. Shame on you.

Twitter Web App : Jo The EU is a financial/political/economic system with centralised control. Designed to usurp national democracies over time. But was sold on a lie. The gullible still believe the lie despite evidence otherwise. It's psychological, to admit the truth would burst their world bubble. pic.twitter.com/hiHQP6Pwx6

Twitter Web App : Positive change in higher education will only come because of people who are prepared to put themselves on the line and fight, as RaquelRosarioSánchez is doing. Huge respect to her. Please join me in contributing to her fund. crowdjustice.com/case/bullying-…

Twitter Web App : When Cummings stops you sleeping but the impending unemployment, hunger and deaths on a biblical scale means you can sleep like a baby. twitter.com/JanAltendorff/…

Twitter Web App : Wrong question. Who cares?The point is - yet another one of the PTB make it clear they don't REALLY think social distancing matters a damn.

And neither do the media. twitter.com/lnmarira/statu…

Twitter Web App : Here is James Matthews of Sky News earning his #mediascum / #scumedia hashtags by harassing Dominic Cummings elderly parents.

Dont forget that the family are recently bereaved.

How much lower can Sky News sink?

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Twitter Web App : feministcurrent.com/2018/12/02/neo…

This is not a left/right issue. Many on the left and right both are ardent supporters of neoliberalism.
There is a huge disconnect about thinking you are from the left or right and being GC and a supporter of neoliberal institutions.

Twitter Web App : Just Mira Thanks, I hope that prescribing antibiotics over the phone is the right thing to do. I have just got them and have little choice but to hope it will solve my problem.

Twitter Web App : The pandemic pundits & pseudo-scientists helping the capitalists deprive the people of cancer treatment, the right to earn a wage, to education & socialisation, the right to basic freedom--what do they deserve?

Twitter Web App : Back at home and I can't see a dentist but I did speak to one and he is certain I have an abscess so I'm waiting to pick up some antibiotics from the chemist.