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Twitter Web App : Breaking News....

Joe Biden has picked Joe Biden to be his Vice President....He said he wanted someone with previous experience...🤷‍♂️

Twitter Web App : CNN Joe Biden is running on Bernie Sanders Radical Socialist Platform

He’s promising to force the Green New Deal on us

He’s promising to force us on to Government Controlled Healthcare (Medicare for All)

He’s promising to end our Oil Production, which will cost us 19 million jobs

Twitter Web App : Joe Biden Why didn’t Joe Biden give a Speech at John Lewis’s funeral.?

If 3 Ex-Presidents were safe to give speeches.....Why didn’t Joe.?

I heard his campaign say his Dementia is getting worse and they are trying to keep him out of the public

This is scary to see a man withering away

Twitter Web App : Teachers Unions are extorting our Children for Political purposes

They’re using our Children as Pawns

Boycott Public Schools and send these Massive Teachers Unions a Message

We want School of Choice


Twitter Web App : JUST IN: NYC officials shut down a party boat with more than 170 people aboard as the city strives to keep the coronavirus at bay.

Mass Protesting over Fake Police Brutality is still encouraged