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Android : I’m going on record now:

If they try to cancel Christianity, if they try to force me to apologize or recant my Faith, I will not bend, I will not waver, I will not break.

On Christ the solid Rock I stand.

And I’m proud to be an American.

Twibble.io : Chicago alderman says residents, businesses now looking to leave Magnificent Mile: Its really sad twib.in/l/RLXBgjAKyjbG

Twitter Web App : .Bernard B. Kerik: Bill de Blasio is an idiot, the federal agencies are already in NYC doing their work.

Fact check 💯%

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Twitter Web App : Hypocrisy? D.C. mayor exempts many city and federal government workers from strict new mask order on citizens | Just The News justthenews.com/politics-polic…

Twitter Web App : Many thanks to Jan and the great Epoch Times team for this in-depth interview on Russia scandal and our new book Fallout. Was ‘Russia Collusion’ a Diversion From the Real Scandal?—John Solomon & Seamus Bruner Talk Spygate youtu.be/_ed3jBHMPcQ?li…

Twitter Web App : Day 53. Federal facilities and law enforcement officials targeted and attacked overnight. One officer injury and 5 arrests. Again, I call on state and local leaders to end this violence.

Twitter Web App : Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax TV: McCloskeys holding guns in front of home was completely legal - this is an easy case ow.ly/mEmH50AFLtu

Twitter Web App : You and your community wouldn’t have to worry about their use of live ammunition if you did your job. Your lack of leadership and intentional inaction has allowed dangerous anarchists to engage in violence, arson, looting. twitter.com/tedwheeler/sta…

Twitter Web App : This headline and others like it are grossly inaccurate & irresponsible.

Our officers are not "paramilitary." They are civilian law enforcement doing their job — enforcing federal law.

Twitter Web App : Portland high school football coach says fired because of job as a police officer | Just The News justthenews.com/government/loc…

Twitter Web App : Portland is again taking dangerous action against law enforcement officers. Portland’s City Council is now banning local police from providing, requesting, or receiving support from their federal law enforcement partners.

Twitter Web App : .FOX cant pull the plug one week on Farrakhan for his vile hatred of Americans and Jews but stay silent the next when one of their presenters Nick Cannon indulges in the very same hatred!

Americans Against Antisemitism calls on FOX to

- Condemn
- Apologize
- Educate

ADL #StopHateforProfit

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Twitter Web App : Portland Mayor tear gassed after joining protestors to address presence of federal agents | Just The News justthenews.com/government/loc…

Twitter Web App : FOX NEWS: Three federal officers in Portland could be permanently blind due to lasers from protesters

Twitter Web App : Fauci’s infectious disease agency broke federal spending law and rules, audits show | Just The News justthenews.com/government/fed…

Twitter Web App : Rudy W. Giuliani did an amazing job for years with the NYPD NEWS cleaning up NYC and making it a beautiful place to live and visit. Now inexperienced self serving BIG BIRD Mayor Bill de Blasio comes in and creates a MESS! VERY SAD TO SEE the damage! Ann Vandersteel The SteelTruth™️

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Twitter Web App : Big Bird Mayor Bill de Blasio has failed the people of NYC! Hes transitioning the awesome Big APPLE🍎 into the ROTTEN APPLE. He needs to go. Thanks Ann Vandersteel The SteelTruth™️

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