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Twitter Web App : Interviewed on radio this morning. Did well I think. Interviewer: "wow, you're really scary". I commented (on air) that female academics who are clear and confident are often described as "scary"; male ones with same characteristics are "authoritative" and "well prepared".

Twitter Web App : Jessica Simor QC Me too. So proud...I am white middle aged grandmother. Don't know the protester, didn't attend the BLM protest, but I am so proud, so full of love for these people that have put so much in to this poignant symbol. Thank you, first day I've felt hopeful for a long time x

Twitter Web App : So now it's:

1. a winter Covid second peak;
2. A Brexit no deal
3. a China v US/UK trade war
4. And a serious global recession

Anything the Government could remove from the above list?

iPhone : Nick Cooper Maybe. I thought it was incredibly dull - super patronising metropolitan elite stuff. They love it in Westminster as they can say because they’ve read it they understand how “the people up north feel”. I prefer to treat people as more than polling data & focus group fodder.

iPhone : I don’t know quite why but this brought a tear and a smile. So much anger, division, misunderstanding - but here an an act of creation - of creativity; a reflection of joy & progress. Colston statue replaced by sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester…

iPhone : So my play has been published and is now available on Amazon! 😧⬇️
100% of the profits are going to towards two amazing causes (check thread!) so excited!! ❤️❤️ #theatre #yemen #script #WritingCommunity #coronavirusuk…

iPhone : The #murdoch documentary is an almost carbon copy of the ‘wholly fictional’ series: ‘Succession’ except we get to see all those familiar faces when they were young (plus know it’s been checked by lawyers). Looking forward (sort of) to watching the more recent Brexit disaster.

iPhone : People who repeatedly attacked the Human Rights Act with the slogan: “no rights without responsibilities” turn out to believe that does not apply to them. #mememe #responsibilityfreetory…

Twitter Web App : UPDATE: France has approved pay rises worth €8bn for health workers, with Emmanuel Macron praising their role in fighting #coronavirus

The deal was signed with trade unions on Monday after weeks of negotiations, and will see wages rise by €183 a month on average

Twitter Web App : Brexitshambles Gary Lineker .Robert Peston: Why do you disagree with Matt Hancock about face masks?

Jeremy Howard: Because Im a scientist who just led the worlds first cross disciplinary international review of the evidence for this.
#Masks4All #COVID19 #coronavirus

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Twitter Web App : How can people still be saying face masks don't make a difference - it's common sense surely that they do. And also the reason why medics wear them...