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iPhone : Almost certain someone has COVID at this party and someone--or multiple people--will end up in the hospital soon.…

iPhone : Gun-toting anti-shutdown protesters hung Gov. Andy Beshear in effigy and then marched the short distance to his house, chanting for him to come out of his house. Don’t know if he and his wife and young children were home.…

iPhone : “Due to lack of transparency and Duterte’s deliberate efforts to obscure aid flows, U.S. military aid may well end up providing ammunition to the armed forces waging Duterte’s drug war, to vigilantes, or to paramilitaries, all without public scrutiny.”…

iPhone : Why go back 200 years? Let’s go dark ages. Or maybe caveman barbarism. I don’t do half ass. Let’s regress.

iPhone : Judge Hinkle’s decision invalidating Florida’s “pay-to-vote” scheme as an unconstitutional poll tax is one of the best voting rights opinions I’ve ever read. Incredibly thorough, meticulous, fact-laden, and quite stirring. It’s worth your time.…

iPhone : You can’t make me wear a mask to save you but I can stop you from getting an abortion even if it may kill you. In summary, I can kill you.

- GOP orthodoxy

iPhone : Those of you all sexually excited over Ann Coulter today. Stop it. She likes babies in cages and is a fucking racist.

iPhone : BREAKING: A federal judge ruled today that #Florida’s pay-to-vote system is unconstitutional. If a person cannot afford to pay court fines or restitution, they CANNOT be banned from voting. #JonesvDeSantis

Read the opinion:…

iPhone : To native peoples, there is no such thing as the first, second, and third worlds; there is only an exploiting world . . . and a host world. Native peoples, who occupy more land, make up the host world.
— Winona LaDuke

#NativeAmerican #wisdom quotes