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Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Are you really going to try to mend things with Hispanics! They will smile and take your help, but they loathe you for all nasty comments you have made about them and many other races and color! You are too late if you think you can change our minds! #LiarInChief #ResignNowTrump

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Governor Whitmer waited for damage assessments then applied for federal relief funds a few weeks ago Donald! But you have to trash her every chance you get!! No wonder you are so far behind in Michigan polls! You will stay there too!
#LiarInChief #TrumpDeathtoll134K

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump How can you say they got caught if nothing happened?! Why don't you just tell us what it is that you are so afraid they well find in your tax records? Bit by bit you are crumbling and your GOP cowards can't help! #LiarInChief…

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump You boat people are insane! Donald is the Epitome of corruption and has done nothing but weaken our nation on the international stage!! Putin and Xi are going to become the world leaders as Donald falters! They are laughing at him! #ResignNowTrump #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace

Twitter Web App : Stephen King By the fact that she is in the GOP Coward gang, she is her own disappointment! She needs to go!! Any of the GOP Senate that have enabled Donald need to go! #GOPCowards…

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump ..influence to the likes of Putin! Soon they will also be turning to Xi! You are making us a laughing stock on the world stage! We are losing our standing as a leader! And your GOP cowards are helping! #GOPCowards #ResignNowTrump…

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump We will see if this trade agreement actually helps our farmers and business! Donald why have you given up on our true allies and other nations! Our influence in the Middle East as well as Europe is fading! Many world leaders are begging to see you as weak and relinquishing our .

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Ah you mean the minority right Donald? Too stupid to take their own SAT, Too cowardly to serve in the military, and too racist to be our leader!! #LiarInChief #ResignNowTrump #TrumpDeathToll134K…

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Virus surge is stalling market! People going back to work is slowing due to virus surge as well! Your polls stay low because of the way you speak and what you post! You are a racist and your racist supporters are targeting Asian Americans because of you! #LiarInChief

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump CDC When communities are ready to reopen schools it will be done in accordance with CDC guidelines! You will not dictate the guidelines! #TrumpVirus #TrumpMeltdown #TrumpDeathtoll134K

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Donald your threat of "May cut off funding if not open" will fall flat! When the school year is ready to begin it will be up to community leaders to decide where they are at! No parents are going to want their children to be guinea pigs!
#LiarInChief #ResignNowTrump

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Newt Gingrich stated that Donald is a "disruptor" and that his agenda is OK?! Newt needs to go away! He is a disruptor himself! Donald is a racist! Period! #ResignNowTrump #TrumpDeathToll133K