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iPhone : Meanwhile in Seattle a new chant: “Who do we protect? BLACK CRIMINALS!” 😂😂

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iPhone : 🔷...took place in front of Trump Tower, NYC
🔷15 seconds of media coverage for Cannon Hinnant, who was executed by a black man
🔷Doesn’t for the narrative...only if it was the other way around
#CannonHinnant #CannonHinnantMattered

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iPhone : Wow. Stunning. Desperately spinning to defend a govt lawyer who’s PLEADING GUILTY TO FRAUDULENTLY ALTERING the email from the CIA, which was then used to defraud the court.

What does that say about how far up the chain the guilty conduct went?…

iPhone : Kamala Harris defends going after Biden and calling him a racist, “because it was during a debate”..

Hmm..interesting. What about when you said you believed Tara Reade who accused Biden of rape, that wasn’t at the debate. It was you speaking to the press.

Explain that one.…

iPhone : My heart breaks 4 the senseless execution of this little boy by a man who felt he had the right 2 take the life of this little guy. There will b no protest, no outrage, no media coverage 4 Cameron only because he’s not a black person who was killed by a white policeman. Shameful…

iPhone : Kamala Harris sat back and did nothing about the children who were molested and raped by clergy.

She will sit back and do nothing about the children being sex trafficked.

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iPhone : President #Trump just made history again.

Even Biden described it as “historic.”

It is.

The #UAE-#Israeli Agreement is first time ever a Gulf Arab state agreed to recognize Israel.

Obama-Biden couldn’t do it because they favored Iran, the biggest state sponsor of terrorism.