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iPhone : Richard and I started at Northumbria nearly at the same time over 11 years ago and we’ve worked together closely at times, most recently in relation to a number of external partnerships. I am deeply saddened by this news. My thoughts are with his family.…

iPhone : Heres a picture of me in hospital three months ago, struggling to get oxygen to my lungs, worrying that Covid would kill me. But do tell me why you wont wear a mask in a shop because you dont like them or because you dont like that youre being forced to wear one.

iPhone : PS2/2: ... to make a positive case for freedom of movement. It’s how Leave could employ immigration (and fear of it) in the way they did. Lack of reflection on all that goes some way towards explaining why People’s Vote (aka ‘continuity Stronger In’) also failed. /end

iPhone : PS1/2: Some are misunderstanding me: I’m talking about responsibility for the fallout. In terms of responsibility for how we got here: that’s not just on Leave supporters, but also down to the abysmal Stronger In strategy. The obvious example is the near complete failure ...

iPhone : As I said at the time: “If Brexit supporters continue to cherry-pick their reality, there will never be a chance to overcome the divisions that have opened up. They need to take responsibility.”

iPhone : Sometime ago I wrote an article about how Leave supporters would seek to absolve themselves from Brexit by basically cherry-picking a reality they like. Well, it’s simple: you don’t get to do that.…

iPhone : The craziest thing about the West’s reluctance with masks is that it’s not just about public health. The more people who wear masks now, the quicker the economy will bounce back. But instead, people are dying avoidable deaths and we’re bankrupting ourselves over a strip of cloth.