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Bio Loves animals, flowers, butterflies and bees. Passionate about all creatures great and small. Finding it increasingly difficult to love human beings
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Twitter for iPad : Matt Hancock Unbelievable. Ashamed of the people running our country. Liars with a do as your told not what I do attitude. Untrustworthy and full of BS. Thousands of people dead - they care not. Disappointed, disbelieving and ashamed.

Twitter for iPad : Hedgehog Cabin Thank you. Just 1 more question. His house is in a sunny corner until midday then light shade. It’s so hot atm I’ve put a mat and leafy twigs on the roof to help keep it cool when in the sun. Is that ok or should I move the house?

Twitter for iPad : Beautiful Mt Edgcumbe today. Stunning views everywhere you looked.

Twitter for iPad : Hedgehog Cabin My boy has been back in our garden for 2 nights after being treated for lungworm. Both nights he’s not ventured very far, a drink and food that’s all. Is this normal? He was in hospital for 11 days.

Twitter for iPad : Dismayed to find Stirling Council cutting roadside verges today. Stopped them cutting right side, but see the state of the left. Bluebells, daisies, dandelions all lost when pollinators need them most. Iolo Williams Chris Packham would be grateful for a RT. This has to stop.

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Twitter for iPad : Hedgehogfriendlytown Mildred you are a beautiful girl. Get well soon mum to be. My boy is home at last after treatment for lungworm. Asleep in his house in the garden, we are so privileged 💕🦔💕

Twitter for iPad : Mabsie PETA UK A man who does this to an animal is not a man at all, he is an idiot, a cruel excuse for a human being, he does not deserve to be on our planet. Shame on you to kill such a majestic animal 🤬